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Boundaries: How, When, and Where to Draw the Line

Healthy boundaries can result in a more relaxed, calm life.

Photo Credit: Ammar Sabaa/Unsplash. A barely lit hallway and completely dark room. A boy shyly peeks around the corner of the dimly lit hall into the dark room.
Photo Credit: Ammar Sabaa/Unsplash

As a young, innocent, and trusting child, I believed the people of the world to be good, caring, and helpful. One day as I was roller-skating around a quiet church building with other neighborhood kids, a man approached us. “Can you help me find my eye contact?” he asked. “I lost…




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Bobbi Lynn Gibson-B.A., Body Code-CP, RMT

Bobbi Lynn Gibson-B.A., Body Code-CP, RMT

Wonder! Explore! Experience! I explore curiosities! I Seek Answers! I Problem Solve Life’s Challenges. email:

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