Changing Seasons Can Bring Vulnerability

Nancy Booth
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5 min readSep 26, 2018


With the coming of fall, the changing light can trigger your vulnerability. Have you been noticing the following changes in yourself?

Craving carbs like there was no end in sight

Needing more sleep

Feeling more tired

Reacting negatively to the changing season

Snapping at others for no reason — mood swings

You may say, “This is my normal life.” Yes, it may be. However, for some of us with Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) the shortening of the days and changing light can bring on symptoms that seem to materialize out of nowhere.

Recently, as I was driving through the countryside, here in southern WI, I noticed the soybean fields beginning to turn yellow, the indicator of them beginning to turn ripe for harvest. I actually had a visceral body reaction- “Ack!” and sucked in my breath.

“Fall can’t be coming. I’m not ready yet.” Looking at the calendar showed me it was only beginning of September.

Now, you and I know we can’t control the changing of the seasons. I don’t actually want to dread driving through the countryside either. I marvel at people who say they love fall.

What to do?

Since there are potentially three months of fall and sometimes 5–6 months of winter here in southern Wisconsin, it was time to get started on my Seasonal Affect Disorder disciplines, earlier than usual. These disciplines had helped me in the past and by practicing them faithfully, I knew they could help get me not feel so vulnerable.

The other thing about living with SAD or any other seasonal challenge is to balance your emotional, mind and body intelligence. When you have all three intelligence in harmony, you can stay more of an even keel.

As you read some of the following disciplines below, note how they support your mind, emotional, body intelligence below.



Nancy Booth
Ascent Publication

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