Confusion Is A Blessing In Disguise

If you know how to harness its power

Sakshi Udavant (Luna)
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4 min readJul 21, 2018

Hello. I see your curiosity brought you here. Convey my thanks to it by clapping!

I woke up in the morning with my intestines in a knot. My head was throbbing with thoughts racing at an immeasurable speed, each trying to prove itself superior to others.

My mind was playing wicked tricks on me countering every bit of gratitude with pessimism. Skepticism flowed under my skin polluting every essence of my being.

I was losing touch with myself, feeling like a stranger in my own body trying to shed all my skin in the hopes of uncovering who I really am.

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I was confused. About everything.

We’ve all been there. A moment where every step feels like navigating through a maze. Where overthinking distorts reality and there’s no way of escaping the delusion.

But what if I tell you it’s a good thing?

Confusion means you care about where you’re going rather than blindly meandering around the jagged edges of life and ending up in places you’re not supposed to be.

Confusion is the first step towards wisdom

As long as you’re surrounded by things you’re fairly acquainted with, your thoughts flow in harmony but the moment you’re confronted by something you’ve never known before, your brains panics.

It rushes to acquire as much information as possible at a speed where it’s practically impossible to organize the data and draw logical conclusions at the same time.

So when you’re confused, know that you’re facing experiences out of your comfort zone — and that spells growth.

Confusion is like a halting point in your



Sakshi Udavant (Luna)
Ascent Publication

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