Core Values For A Highly Successful Life

Sandra Burns
Dec 4, 2019 · 6 min read

Being successful, at work or at life in general, is not just about how you look. It’s also about how you feel about yourself and the overall image that you portray to others.

I’m still working to be the best I can be… but I’m inviting you to join me on my journey so far.

My Goal:

How does my list relate to you? Perhaps you might need to work on some areas of your life too.

If you’re not conscious of these things, there’s not much you can do to change them.

Being aware means you are empowered to make changes.

Each of these attributes have helped me to improve the image that I symbolize to others — the image of ME.

  1. DEVOTION: An Enthusiastic Desire

Devotion is key in a relationship keeps you focused. It keeps your loyalty to your relationship and, of course, your eagerness to simply do better in life.

This applies to both your personal life and your professional life. Block out the distractions.

2. GRACE: Inner Elegance Or Beauty

Despite all the heartaches and pains in life, people should struggle to adapt to a life filled with grace.

You don’t need to be physically beautiful if you exude grace.

There’s a lot to be said for inner beauty.

3. IDEALISM: The Pursuit Of High Principles Or Goals

Despite everything else, you should always pursue idealistic ways.

This may be the one thing that keeps you sane at times. Picture you ideal life, an ideal goal, an ideal situation… and work towards that.

Maintaining a high level of principles and goals will allow you maintain your humanity too.


This is truly the purest of all emotions and exactly what you need to make you want better things… and because “all you need is love”.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

5. MERCY: Knowing When To Be Compassionate And Kind

Understanding the concept of forgiveness is one thing but being able to give forgiveness is another.

In this (sometimes) cruel world in which we live, mercy is a saving grace.

6. SENSITIVITY: A Touching Asset

Knowing exactly when to react and what to do about certain situations is a very powerful trait… especially between people who have no power to say their needs out loud.

Being sensitive is being ‘aware of’ and ‘responsive to’ the feelings of others.

7. WONDER: The Insatiable Curiosity

To be continuously amazed by the things around you is crucial as it revitalizes the human spirit.

Look around you. See things. See how people interact. Learn from it.

See how your pet responds to positive encouragement, this can work on people too. ;)

Learn to enjoy nature — even if it’s just a walk outside at lunchtime to clear your head.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

8. SERVICE: Giving Back When It Matters

The ability to help others is a very powerful tool in satisfying your inner self. It is an act that never fails to bring smile to the face of others.

How can you help others?

This is not about doing everyone else’s work for them… but to be aware of someone else’s plight, let them know you see and understand it, offer some encouragement and maybe advice.

They will be pleased that someone else has acknowledged their struggle, they will see you as being on their side and trying to help them through it.

9. KNOWLEDGE: The Power To Reason

Knowing what to do, how to act, when to respond and how to do it are important behaviors to own in times of joy and in times of pain.

Constantly sharpen your intellect.

Feed your mind with ideas, thoughts and information.

Read to become knowledgeable on any topic that interests you.

Expand your social circle to include people more intelligent than yourself.

10. JOY: A Smile To Give

Because life is not always easy, finding reasons to smile is as important as physique and intellect.

Regardless of what you might be going through yourself, a smile can put others at ease.

And when people start to comment that you made them feel comfortable because of your smile, it boosts your confidence.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

Photo by Jessica Wilson on Unsplash

Beauty comes from within. Sometimes physically attractive people can be very ugly. You know what I mean.

Improve the “inner you” and you will notice a difference in the way others (your boss, your colleagues, your family, your friends) interact with you.

Now read my list again.

Think about your own values. How can you put improvements into your life?

I worked through this list and for each item, I thought about my boss, my colleagues, my family, my friends… and whether there were ways I could improve my inner self when interacting with these people.

There’s a reason I put family and friends at the end of my relationships…

It’s not because they are least important to me. It’s because family and friends are the easiest to nice around.

The boss or colleagues are (for me) harder and need more effort.

Once people start to see you as a calm and encouraging person, someone who has it all together… they will start to see someone worthy of promotion, someone worthy of respect, someone they want to be around.

This is what I keep reminding myself of. This is what keeps me trying to improve myself.

It’s a lengthy process and you won’t see results overnight.

There’s four relationship groups and ten values. Just chip away at making small changes and pretty soon it’s going to add up to big changes.

It may take time to see results… because results rely not just on your actions, but the reactions of others.

It helped me to keep a diary of the things to change, and any subsequent changes noticed in others.

When evaluating, I look out for thank-you’s and smiles from other people… and take these as a WIN.

My Big Win

I was saying goodbye to an intern who had been working with us for three months, and she thanked me and told me that my friendly smile was something that had kept her going. I was moved by this and mentioned it to a co-worker and she replied, “To be honest, your smile has helped me through some tough times too.”

Such a small action on my part was having a big impact on others.

Come with me on this journey and maybe we’ll meet on the road.

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment.

Sandra Burns

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I love to help people with vintage accessories, style & confidence. “Vintage is an opportunity to time travel.” — ❤

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment.

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