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Creating An Agile Organization That Capitalizes on Disruption

Why should you create “orgagility?”

Creating a company with orgagility, in its simple form, embodies these 5 characteristics:

1. Shared vision and mission

1. Shared vision and mission

Get started by ensuring your team has a firm understanding of you vision and mission. You can’t expect transformation to succeed if the company and employees aren’t on the same page. Employees want to know where the company is going (vision) and what the company does to create value (mission).

2. Leadership team that inspires everyone to do their best work

While you need the full company to buy-in to the vision and mission, the leadership team is responsible on a day to day basis to communicate and reinforce the message. If your leaders aren’t inspiring the rest of the team to do their best work and continue down the path of transformation, the transformation won’t succeed. Leadership matters… and is the difference between success and failure.

3. Culture of speed and action

If you want to be the disruptor, or address being disrupted (likely to occur in the near term), you need to stay ahead of the trends by operating quickly and proactively. Slow and steady won’t win the disruption race. By being action-oriented and quick to innovate, you can stay ahead of your peers and ensure your goals are met. Make sure your talk to action ratio is in sync with the speed of the marketplace.

4. Organizational accountability and alignment

Execution of strategies and alignment across departments is critical. Drive accountability through cascading goal setting, performance management and metrics. Alignment across the organization is a step many skip, allowing competing objectives to stall progress. Strategy is important, but only if you have exceptional execution.

5. Competitive and innovative team of employees

While success is dependent on having the right talent in the right seats, it is equally important to have highly engaged people too. Is your team comprised of people who want to win? Have an appetite for change? Can they create new solutions? Companies that successfully accomplish steps 1–4 are likely going to fail if they don’t have talented people with a desire to compete and win.



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