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How An Immigrant with a 5th Grade Diploma Beat the Odds in Education, Business, and Health

My Dad Styling My Daughter’s Hair — He is Our Favorite Stylist
My Dad Styling My Daughter’s Hair — He is Our Favorite Stylist (Image by the Author)
My Dad’s immediate family in Italy — Dad is top left
My Dad’s Family in Italy at Christmas — Dad is Top Left (Image Owned by the Author)

Creativity Opens the Door

Talent and Passion Combined Will Get You Noticed

My Dad in the Italian Army
My Dad in the Italian Army (Image Owned by the Author)

Pursuing His Calling as an Entrepreneur

My dad a handsome your Italian Beautician
My Dad — A Handsome Italian Beautician (Image Owned by the Author)

Adversity and Setbacks Are an Integral Part of the Road to Success

His Biggest Challenge Yet

The Huge Breakthrough in Health

My Dad Before and After Weight loss (Images Owned by the Author)



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