How I Actively Restructured My Thought Process — 4 Methods to Rescuing Myself

Drive the life, don’t let the life drive you.

Ibrar khan
Aug 1, 2020 · 7 min read

very so often, my mind was drawn into an endless stream of deleterious and sketchy notions, that swung my spirits and mood all the time. Vanquishing such a mental state and pulling myself back was knotty.

With time, it was becoming a detrimental routine, adversely impacting my overall performance. Although I have been able to step aside plenty of dispersed sentiments, later a year after, identical obnoxious thoughts started evading my head, but this time persistently.

I was exhausted of those enchanting but captivating and harmful alarms continuously pulling me under. I pushed that instant into a turning point of my life and decided to exercise some robust techniques to actively restructure my thought process.

With 15–20 minutes of daily meditation, I broke the sequence of otherwise overlooked stream of thoughts that were eventually turning in to loads of negative emotions.

At first, meditation seems just like getting sedentary by the bank of a river, observing it flow by, but it is not that straightforward. Indeed drawing us out of alluring but damaging thoughts, posing stationary again, and watch the river, involves core practice during meditation. You can too if your mind is not seized by such statements below:

“Human actions can be modified to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed — Abraham Lincoln

Here is another one from today’s folks

He can’t help it; he’s set in his own ways.

The conventional wisdom that “grown-ups cannot change” is now defied by researchers. Our disposition is not set in our genetic stone when we born. A human brain is immensely re-programmable at any stage of life and this is what a common person is phlegmatic about.

I construe after studying some aspects of neuroplasticity and found that it is the brain’s capability to form new neurological pathways, interlinking portions of the nervous system. This happens as a result of a variation in the environment, emotion, and thoughts or it can be a response to an injury.

Let us understand by a simple example, during a workout to build muscles, the more we train, the more strengthening certain neural pathways become. When we start perceiving this change, our brain adapts to such transition, and in response, reflects positive emotions. Simply put, such powerful neurological routes become psychological pathways, highly favored by our brain.

From the above example, it can be well established that

Emotion is a reaction to an action we perform

Unwittingly, we adopt the same approach to build and accommodate negative emotions, throughout our lives. But the same technique is applicable to achieve joy, passion, love, and patience.

Sometimes most individuals are intellectually aware of such wisdom but fail to implement it — when your partner has a conversation with the opposite sex for quite a long time, even though you know resentment may push them away, but you get angry, anyway.

When negativity or judgment comes out, this implies that your inner dialogue is off, says Thais Gibson, an expert in personal development.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward fix. “Our subconscious mind functions more through sentiments and emotions than language,” Gibson adds.

We can establish a direct line towards the operating instructions of our subconscious mind through leveraging strong emotions.

Just imagine the moment you were incredibly furious or hurt and changed a perspective or a belief you hold now, compared to the one you had previously. An example of mine, when I lost money in a business deal, my anger was a deriving force that turned me away from one specific version of success, which impacted my life positively. But the same anger could lead me towards a disaster if my reaction was different.

These four approaches can help you coach yourself to think and feel possibly anything:

1. Priming Method By Tony Robbins

Emotion is an outcome of motion Tony Robbins says. The way you feel entirely depends on your “physical state”. In one of the Tonny Robbin’s Live Seminar named “Unleash the Power Within”, that I have taken part, expounds the priming method and its adequacy to transform your emotions.

Steps involved in the priming method are consistently enhancing my thought process since the day I last woke up feeling sluggish, lethargic, overwhelmed, or apathetic about anything forthcoming and there was a whole day ahead.

It helps vanquish any obstacles coming up next that may lead me to overthink right when I wake up feeling drained.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sitting calm with eyes closed and raise both arms straight above your head.
  2. Breathing in and out massively via the nose, 30 breaths per set, and 3 sets in total.
  3. For each time when you breathe out, pull down the arms, bend elbows, and make fists.
  4. After performing three sets you have to feel gratitude as well as self-love.

When you wrap up the process and settle up from the above steps, you will easily be able to establish new positive thoughts and emotions, forgetting about your past state of mind.

You can also see live priming exercise by Tony Robbins, in this video.

Priming Method By Tony Robbins

2. A Method By Demartini

Dr. John Demartini, a Human behavior specialist also suggests and utilize neuroplasticity to reprogram or restructure thought process in the brain.

But his way of reprogramming the brain is a bit different. He creates an emotional equilibrium in the brain by passing his patients through a series of distinct but emotionally related questions.

In this method, the most effected structures of the brain that are altered and re-energized or reprogrammed, are amygdala and hypothalamus and both are liable to deal with guilt, expression of fear, and aggression.

How is it possible? Gibbon says, when confronted with a formidable circumstance, “Question the current situation, the patient is facing and ask what good comes from it.” Look at the positive aspect or any of the benefits even if a single one comes apparent because there is always at least one. Emphasize on that during the conversation, leaving everything else negative behind.

Maybe your enormous strength, that is immensely valuable you, comes from situations like surviving from a critical loss in business or father abandoning in childhood? Seeing the good out of such an unfavorable circumstance aid you in throwing away any deteriorating beliefs swiftly.

Demartini explaining his method:

Demartini’s Method

3. Affirmations

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” ― Earl Nightingale

As we grow, we are all set in our own particular pathways, our brain is busy learning, and programing what we practically experience and its outcome as thoughts and emotions, all contribute to an ultimate formation of our subconscious. Stronger connections between neurons are structured and the brain tailors itself to such deeper pathways, and we eventually trap in a groove.

Fortunately, there is an exit. It is possible to be or in fact, we are the draughtsman of our own metamorphosis, powered by our own assertions and affirmations and nourished by repeated phrases, frequently and day-to-day.

Our subconscious is a production house that produces either positive or negative thoughts — and is reprogrammable through strong emotions backed by repetition, the same method we used repetition to teach ourselves lessons in school.

It is an affirmation that houses as well as generates new operating commands for our subconscious, just like listening to particular music on repeat mode is going to leave its impressions for a period of time.

Tony Robbins’ method is what fills the gap between emotion and repetition. His method with repeated magical actions are affirmations performed with charged emotion and certitude.

Your incantation would be “I am the master chef”, if your affirmation is all about it, and you are going to repeat the same when dealing with your fellow staff.

The summery is, the brain is highly capable to reprogram itself under a certain emotion either positive or negative, it’s up to us, which one to go with.

4. Imagination or Visualization

“What you imagine, you create.”

Visualization operates the same as affirmations and signals our subconscious reconnect our neurons and defaults the brain to it, eventually produces thoughts that we want.

For example, the imagination of doing or achieving what you desire works rapidly, like a desire for a dream house, a dream life partner, may ignite negative emotions for not having it. But after actually getting a dream job or having a good relationship you desired for, can attract emotions that are healthful for you. Consistency in such visualizations will lead you to manifest the same behavior.

What did I get?

In my case, I spared time to consistently visualize myself for practicing emotional resilience and the healthful beliefs I needed extremely. Sparing only 15 minutes every day for exercising it, I started to visualize and started lodging powerful changes in my inner.

Its 10 years now and I am still meditating myself for 15 minutes a day. Yes I am a human being and I am still sometimes dealing with fear, anger, and insecurity, but my nerves to fight against these are also strong, its not too hard for me to find a positive side of any bad picture.

Ten years ago where I was unable to navigate the ship of my life, as it was soaked with a loaded stream of thoughts and negative emotions, I pulled it out of the whirlpool, even though its a constant struggle, now I am an experienced captain of the ship.

“Now I drive the ship, not the ship drives me, floating without a direction”

I hope my personal life experience may help you in or may best fit in your particular situation and gets you out of it. I know, it is painful, defenseless, and heart shredding when confronting a situation like this, and no one is there to help you.

Next time when you feel weak like a bay, take a walk, and it’s all about having a single debate with your own soul and convincing it to start believing in yourself. That single push against your own obnoxious mindset will change you for the whole life. Remember, it is you, and you only, who will help yourself.

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness and fulfillment.

Ibrar khan

Written by

I am pet lover, writer, and love to hike. I have two cute daughters.

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment. Join thousands of others making the climb on Medium.

Ibrar khan

Written by

I am pet lover, writer, and love to hike. I have two cute daughters.

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment. Join thousands of others making the climb on Medium.

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