How I’ve Read 323 Books in 4 Years

Tips to become a reading machine

Brian Tubbs
Ascent Publication


In 2020, I read 80 books. The year before, I read 97. In fact, since the beginning of 2017, I’ve read 323 books in their entirety.

It’s changed my life.

Prior to 2016, I was very undisciplined and unfocused in my reading. I would read bits and pieces of books, but would rarely finish them. Of course, I would read articles in magazines or newspapers or on the Internet, and I still do. But my reading was reactive and completely inconsistent.

A colleague of mine challenged me on this, and I decided to do better. And starting in 2017, I made it a goal and priority to be more disciplined and intentional in my reading habits.

And in this article, I’m going to share what I’ve learned in this journey. If you will follow these tips, you too can become a much more prolific reader.

Decide your purpose for reading.

Do you want to read more? If so, why? For what purpose?

In my case, there were four reasons driving my decision in early 2017 to make reading a renewed priority in my life. They were:

  • Professional & Leadership Development — I wanted to give the organization I serve my very best, and I didn’t want my “best” to…