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How To Get 50,000 Facebook Likes In 6 Weeks

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Today I made 10 “Fan Signs” for people I’ve never met before. If you don’t know what a fan sign is, here’s an example..

People actually want me to write their name down on a piece of paper, take a picture with it, then send it to them.


Some 25-year-old guy with Crohn’s disease and a crooked nose.

Requests for these JUST started coming in about a week ago, and I’ve been at a loss for words every time I get them.

I just realized I needed to provide some context here…

I Recently Got 50,000+ Likes To My Facebook Page

I made a viral video in early August that racked up 3 million views on Facebook.

In a matter of days I got 7,000 or 8,000 new likes (up from the 1,000 I already had), and over the following weeks I made even more videos.

Much to my surprise, three more of them went viral (1 million+ views), and the likes started coming in by the tens of thousands. One day I literally got 4,600 likes in a 24 hour period.

There’s the stats to prove it. ⏫

It’s gotten so out of control that I get about 50 new Facebook messages per day from people and I barely have the time/mental capacity to respond to every single one thoughtfully.

Some small version of internet fame has suddenly been thrust upon me, and I literally have no idea what to do about it.

People want fan signs. They want to meet me. They want to call me. They want to do all of this stuff..

But to me the change has been SO quick that I don’t even feel like I earned it. I don’t feel THAT different from the Tom I was 2 months ago, either — before anybody knew who I was.

I don’t want to beat my chest here too much — I simply want to prove the point to you that Facebook video is WILDLY lucrative, and that it really is possible to go viral in a SUPER short amount of time.

So, how did I do it?

I wanted to give you a couple tips in this here blog post. You ready? Good.

1. Make Videos

Okay, this point will be SUPER short because, duh, anyone can gather I grew so quickly because of my videos.

To grow on Facebook you can post memes, pictures, and all that jazz, but I think nothing performs better than video on the feed. That’s just my experience.

2. Create “Timeline Native” Videos

Here’s an example of what I call a “timeline native” video.

AKA it’s square (1080 x 1080), and has a headline above the actual video. When you glance at it, you don’t even need to watch a second of it to understand what it’s ABOUT.

This is so key because as people scroll through their feeds, they make a split-second judgement call on whether they want to watch or not.

With this, they no longer need to watch 30 seconds to see what your video is about.. They just need to read the dang headline, and they can choose to watch or continue scrolling.

Once I started implementing this, it changed absolutely everything for me overnight.

FYI, I used Premiere Pro to create these effects.

3. Post 2–3 Videos Per Week

Is it really surprising to you that much of what works in the blogging world works in the video world?

Consistency and volume are so key — I remember in mid-August I made a pact with myself to put out 3 videos per week.

Only a few went viral — but all the other videos I made taught me a lesson.

They helped me understand what my newfound audience wanted. They helped me practice and learn new editing techniques.

They also helped me understand Facebook as a platform a WHOLE lot better.

I know what works in the content game… Patience, consistency, and volume.. and I took that to heart throughout the entire month of August.

You might tell me “Tom, I don’t have time to make 3 videos per week!”

That’s fine. Make one. After 8 weeks and 8 new videos you’ll learn how to edit faster. You’ll learn how to shoot faster. Everything will be easier for you, and then you can make two. Then, if you really push yourself, you can MAYBE make 3 if you have nothing going on.

And now we’ve tripled the amount of “bets” we have on the table.

This is extra important.

4. Give Yourself 6 Months

The first video I ever posted to Facebook got published in May. That’s right — it took me 4 months to make a viral hit. For many others, it takes them longer, but make no mistake — you’ll get shares in the meantime.

You’ll start seeing the same people sharing your sh*t every time you drop a video. You’ll develop a following. You’ll get messages. You’ll see some of your friends sharing. You’ll get better at editing.

You’ll develop a solid “base” of work.

All of these things will occur while you wait patiently for that viral hit — which is COMING.

It’s amazing how much I value the videos/blog posts that didn’t do well. Because it’s on the shoulders of these bad boys that I hoist my viral video later.

The lessons I learn from my losses are just as important as the views I get from my viral hits — because they INFORM my next creative venture.

Give yourself time.

5. “Invite” People To Like Your Page

Every person that likes anything you put out — video, picture, status, etc. are people you can then “invite” to like your Facebook page.

This is like some sort of hidden Facebook feature that nobody knows about.

To take advantage of it, you basically just click on the number representing the people that “liked” your post (pictured below), and a pop-up comes up (pictured above).

Then you go down the line and click “invite” for people that haven’t already liked your page. It’s amazing. By my estimation, you can send out 1,500 before Facebook deactivates that feature and doesn’t allow you to use it for 24 hours.

But 1,500 invites is 1,500 invites. You might get a solid 300–400 likes from that — which is a lot!

This helped me grow my page significantly, and is an often overlooked feature of Facebook in general.

6. Comment Back To Everybody

Comments are like gold on Facebook. That’s because of this:

When someone you know comments on a post, that MAY show up on your newsfeed (like the above picture, hi Teresa Colón!). Even though you don’t have anything to do with that post, Facebook might still show it.

I’ve gotten old videos “trending” again just by responding back to 50–100 people, and that’s because those people often answered me, and then my video would get on the feeds of the people that followed THOSE people.

See what I mean?


Oh, And You Can Get Paid, Too

Friends, I utilized a LOT of tactics to get 50,000 FB likes in August and September. There’s a whole lot more to the story, but I wanted to give you all something actionable.

Oh, and just so you know, I JUST got into Facebook’s ad-break program.

If your page has 10,000 likes and a certain amount of 1-minute views, you’re eligible to place ads in your videos and make a little bit of extra cash.

After ten days, here’s how much I made:

Pretty cool, eh?

And I haven’t even placed ads in any of my viral videos yet (because they need to be 3 minutes long to do so).

I’m telling you, Facebook is THE place to be for video. You heard it here first.

Thanks for reading!

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