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How to Make ‘Quitting’ Your Next Superpower

When do you know it’s time to quit instead of sticking it out?


I don’t like quitting. It makes me feel weak.

But there are times when quitting becomes a skill, a necessary tool for survival.

An unhealthy relationship is bad and will remain bad unless you break up.

A demeaning job is miserable and will remain miserable unless you leave.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen how pride and ego of pushing through prevents us from doing worthwhile things.

Quitting is as much a healthy practice as commitment.

If you learn when and why it is time to quit, you’ll gain an advantage over those who are too afraid to quit.

You’ll possess a new superpower.

The Three Lessons to Quitting

During senior year of high school, my grandma passed away. I attended her funeral four days before graduation.

989 consecutive days of perfect attendance snapped — even as a teenager I obsessed over the trivial.

There were days when my perfect attendance streak was more important than staying home and resting from an illness. I didn’t…



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