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Do you find yourself overthinking or worrying too much?

Do you find your life boring and not special?

Do you have trouble maintaining good habits?

Last year around this time, I was thinking about setting up my new year’s resolution for 2019. Something more practical that could help with these problems that I had. After reading about the many benefits of taking journals, I decided that this was the one. It should help me to live a better life overall.

This was a big challenge for me. The last time I took regular journals was in high school and it was more homework than personal choice. We were asked to take weekly journals in order to enhance writing skills. I didn’t like the mandatory nature of it but did enjoy writing my thoughts down. It was a love and hate relationship between me and journal.

If you were thinking about writing daily journals, but not sure if you should or how, perhaps this post will be useful. I’ve been taking daily journals for the entire 2019 (well, I did take a break for a couple of days) and here were my findings.

What daily journaling has brought me in 2019 / could bring you in 2020

Below are things that have changed in my life after regular journal writing for a year.

  • Mindfulness — journaling to fight overthinking

This is one thing I’ve always wanted to get better at for years.

Writing down what happened throughout the day did help me comb through my thoughts and settle them down. What has happened in the past stays in the past, no matter if it was a joyful or sad moment. It is kept in the safe place of my journal. I am at peace knowing that tomorrow will be a fresh new start.

  • Gratefulness — journaling to remind me of happy moments

This is the second thing I’ve always been struggling with and I wished to do more of — to appreciate the things I have. Within our lives, struggles or “boring” moments far outweigh happiness. So it is very important to acknowledge the…



Lianne & Justin @ Just into Data
Ascent Publication

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