I want to do it the right way!

Ankita Masand
Jul 30, 2017 · 5 min read

When I was in primary school, the thing that made the most sense was being with my friends and playing around. The only mandate thing in the world was to complete the homework, rest everything was exactly the way we wanted. While growing up, from primary to secondary, the desire to succeed just happened and it ruined most of what was happiness earlier. Maybe, when you start understanding things yourself and become capable of judging people when a feeling of jealousy pops in by the mere feat of any of your friend, you become selfish and crave for all the achievements that this world has to offer.

Until my seventh grade, I never knew what it feels like to be the first rank holder of the class. I just thought, it was some other thing and I am better off playing with my friends than studying an ounce more. This triumph made everybody around think of me as a star of the class, one who is better than everyone else in the class. The mere feeling- that I am better than others instigated predilection for that fancy little word ‘Success’. I began to study harder by cutting down my play time. Well, the trick really worked and elicited the hidden ambitious girl. It boosted my confidence to another level. I was enjoying the fame. It was amazing how this transformed a little brat like me to a disciplined girl.

Anyone who is reading this and has been through the struggles that life has to offer and eventually is a lot better person now might know the story is not going to end in the same rhythm as it started. Remember, I was doing all this just to be better than others. I had to fail. I am glad that I failed so that now the seeds will be plowed right. The journey from doing what others are doing and being better at it to doing what I really want to do and being happy about it has taught me tremendous lessons along the way. I am grateful that I had to go through this disaster, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been the person that I’m today.

Everyone wants a decent lifestyle and bigger paychecks. I’m in no way saying, success is bad. Success is all that everyone wants. Get it the right way and you’ll understand its true importance. Embrace each and every struggle that you go through. It will make all the sense in the world when you get your priorities right. Sometimes, just live for yourself and don’t get indulged in a rat race just so because everyone is doing it. While embarking on your destination, it is very important that you pause, sit back and ask yourself- is it that you want in your life?

This idea of doing it the right way became evident when I understood there are many ways to traverse the ladder and of course I didn’t want to get through the wrong ones. More than 50% of the people don’t love their jobs, some are stuck as they don’t have any other option and some just don’t bother. I don’t get it, how could you even stand yourself when you’re not convinced of what you’re doing every day. The reality is, even these people get to the top and become mediocre managers who lead another set of people exactly like them or the ones who later become like them. And that’s how mediocrity is prevailing its roots. We all are becoming so addictive to success that we forget to introspect ourselves to find out if we are making any difference in the world.

And then, there is another crazy set of people, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, ones who want to make an impact and not just live their life like everybody else. They want to live it their way! They care enough for their ideas and respect themselves enough to not get beguile in the pool of mediocrity. Good things take time and it is absolutely not necessary to rush and grab the next big thing. However, you should constantly work towards your goal and make yourself a better person day by day. There will always be a succinct difference between the ones who just got there and the ones who fought their way out to reach the summit.

Make your success look charming! You should know the value of each and every struggle that you encompassed to reach the glory. Many of us don’t get the basics right, it’s not about the power; it’s the transformation within which happen only if you take your success seriously. Learn something new each day and applaud yourself that you’re on track.

I’m a Software Engineer. Deep down, I can feel it, I’ve played it the right way. I know, I’ve not reached my goal yet. Again, it’s a game of patience and perseverance if you want to hit the right target, the right way. During my college placements, I was placed in one of the renowned MNCs. Two months of training and a day spending with the project team, I knew this is not what I wanted. I’m in no way spending my day staring at the black screen and not learning anything well. Next day, I started looking for a job wherein I can learn new things and become better, no matter the paycheck. It’s been two years and I can feel the difference. This philosophy of doing things right and not settling for average has become the topmost lesson of my life.

Don’t let anyone else govern you. If your desires are not strong enough, you’ll work to fulfill someone else’s desires. To tell you the truth, It’s not very difficult to come out of mediocrity, all it takes is a sense of belief in yourself that you’re not meant to be average. Start putting your desires ahead of anything else and see the difference. Do it the right way!

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A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment.

Ankita Masand

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Freelance Software Engineer

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment.

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