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If You Want To Inspire A Devoted Audience, You Must Learn To Do This First

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Build An Audience Of One, The Rest Will Follow

“When you seek to engage with everyone, you rarely delight anyone. And if you’re not the irreplaceable, essential, one-of-a-kind changemaker, you never get a chance to engage with the market.

The solution is simple but counterintuitive: Stake out the smallest market you can imagine. The smallest market that can sustain you, the smallest market you can adequately serve. This goes against everything you learned in capitalism school, but in fact, it’s the simplest way to matter.

When you have your eyes firmly focused on the minimum viable audience, you will double down on all the changes you seek to make. Your quality, your story and your impact will all get better.

And then, ironically enough, the word will spread. “ — Seth Godin

“I can’t give you a formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure; try to please everybody all the time”- Herbert Swope

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