The 7 Best Tips From My Mentors To Improve Your Routine

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10 min readFeb 5, 2020

I make this mistake all the time.

I look at the clock after watching my fifth YouTube video of the morning. I’ve been sitting here for two hours and all I’ve managed work-wise is to open my calendar and bullet journal. I read my carefully crafted to-do list three times, yet I was still swayed by the allure of cats trying to jump over cling-wrap barriers.

I gotta be honest, my routine of late has been about as organised as a hoarders garage (packed full and no resemblance of organisation). I sit down to work and some days I don’t look up until my stomach crumbles at 2 pm because I forgot about lunch. Other days are reminiscent of the morning above — YouTube, Medium, emails, playing with the dogs — anything to get me out of work.

But, as I said in a recent post, 2020 is all about consistency for me. Which means reassembling a routine that ensures I achieve my goals each day and subsequently, this year.

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The (assumed) easy way to improve your routine:

Is to pull out your diary, or open your calendar, and schedule everything you want to start doing again. Sounds simple, right? Except when you get to the part where you have to show up and do the work. It’s a lot like buying a training plan when you want to lose weight. If all you do is buy the training plan, you ain’t going nowhere.

So, rather than try the “put my to-do list in my calendar” option (which I tried late last year and it didn’t work, by the way), I decided to take a look back at some of the best advice I’ve taken from my mentors, and use these tips to create the setup that will most likely work for me this year.

I know some of these mentors personally. I’ve purchased their courses and paid for their mentorship. Others, I’ve followed from afar. But regardless, all…

Tara Fitness 🔥 she/her
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