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I’ve Written At least 500 Words a Day Everyday For The Past 6 Months

(Here’s What Did and Didn’t Happen)

On April 22nd, I began publishing a minimum of 500 words a day here on Medium. Being as I wrote one of these after my 90 day mark you can read about here, I won’t touch too much on what led up to me doing so or the origins of it. I’ll instead stick to how things have changed for me since, as well as how they’ve mainly stayed the same in many ways.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know I believed I had it in me to consistently write as many words worth publishing as I have. Part of the commitment was my way of showing myself, I am indeed a writer. A way of putting my money where my mouth was and just jump into doing instead of talking about it, like I unfortunately see so many others do. They talk about writing, about wanting to write, the reasons they don’t have the time to and the finer points of writer’s block as if that somehow makes them sound like more of a writer. But they don’t write. What I’ve learned is there is two main reasons people are afraid to write. They’re either afraid of what they might say or find out about themselves, or they’re afraid of what others will think and say about what they’ve written or will find out about them. Neither has ever stopped me from writing, nor will they.

Over these past six months, I’ve learned a lot about myself through doing this. I’ve learned I can actually commit to things I care about. I’ve learned that the potential I’ve always felt this craft presented me with really is real. I’ve began to chase a dream and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. This is just what I do now, it’s who I am. I write everyday. There is no doubt doing so has made me an exponentially better writer and maybe even a better person.

I’ve written before funerals and weddings. I’ve had the honor of reading what I wrote at those weddings and funerals. I’ve written through failures and things that didn’t work out like I hoped they would. Nothing works out like I hope it does, thank God for that probably. I’ve written through job losses and the loss of friends. I’ve written when I couldn’t help myself but to as well as when I could barely bring myself to do so. Through the depths of depression, the angst of anxiety and right to the other side of both of them. Because writers write, no excuses.

I’ve written about people I’ve helped as well as those I’ve hurt. About my victories and defeats, both public and private. I don’t even know what the word private means anymore. All I know is how to bleed and breathe into every word I write. To be excruciatingly honest with anyone who’s willing to read it. I’ve written sad stories and funny ones. All of them true, things I’ve lived through. I’ve written about what made me and what almost killed me.

I’ve gone from 30 followers to just a hair shy of 2,000. I get a lot of emails and private messages from readers thanking and praising me for my work. There truly is no greater reward. I always say I write for me but there’s no denying I write for you all as well at this point. I’ve had my work requested by editors of publications as well as submitted it to others after requesting to be added as writer. I’ve had my work published on websites outside of Medium and was compensated for it. Medium has even began to pay me as a writer, as I was invited into the paid partner program two months back. I also got asked to appear as a guest on my first podcast and am in talks with a friend about appearing regularly on his.

Through the discipline of writing everyday, I’ve just about finished my first manuscript which I will self publish sometime in the very near future. I’ve also made the mistake of announcing the extremely premature release date of November 7th, 2017. Since then, my biggest obstacle has been figuring out how I’m going to afford an editor or take on the daunting task myself. I’ve also curated my first collection of poems to be submitted into the Brick Road poetry contest at the end of the month, where the winner receives $1,000 and a publishing contract. I have a total of 50 pages put together for it as we speak. If it doesn’t win, I plan on self publishing that as well.

Much to my dismay, no publishers have come calling to praise my work and award me with the lifelong publishing contract that will allow me to ride off happily into the sunset. No Nobel prizes have been thrown my way, not even a single nomination. James Altucher still doesn’t answer my emails but Ryan Holiday has. I haven’t been asked to speak at any conferences, no single post I’ve written has wooed a woman into bed and none have gone majorly viral. However, I have made friends and began to build amazing relationships through doing this. I’ve been told my work has helped others, be it in their writing or just getting through their day. It’s been a wonderful journey thus far and I look forward to continuing along on it with all of you and more. Thank each and every one of you for your claps, re tweets, shares and overall support, it means the world to me and keeps me moving forward.



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