Learning to Focus: The Power of Brainwave Music

Harnessing technology to create tunnel-vision focus

Andy Murphy
Jun 9 · 4 min read
Photo by Stackie Jia on Unsplash

I was first introduced to brainwave music (or binaural beats) during my breathwork training with SOMA Breath on their 21 Day Awakening Journey. The music in those three weeks captivated me as soon as I heard it and from that moment on I went on a discovery to find out more, from all of the content on Youtube to learning and understanding why it’s so effective.

Over time, brainwave music is what I’ve come to use for breathwork, for meditation, for falling asleep to and for deeply focused writing/editing sessions.

I’m listening to this track right now as I put the final touches on this blog post. 

I’ve found that my focus is enhanced even further if I have headphones in so now, especially when I need to be deeply focused and productive for whatever I’m doing, I tuck my headphones in, turn on a track and allow myself to be taken by the music. Soon enough I’m in a very relaxed, focused, and deeply concentrated place.

It’s a great way to ‘drop in’ as quickly as possible and the best part is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of hours worth of brainwave music completely free on platforms like Youtube.

As an example this is what comes up after searching for brainwave music on YouTube, just to highlight my point. 

What is brainwave music?

There are certain frequencies that operate throughout the entire universe. The Earth, for instance, has a frequency of 7.83hz (otherwise known as the Schumann resonance after the physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann predicted it mathematically in 1952).

So, brainwave music has been designed to tap into these frequencies to ‘sync’ up with them and help us become more aligned with life itself (the graph below explains more).

Check out the graph below but pay close attention to the states of being on the right-hand side as that is what I would like to focus on for the next part of this post.

Photo courtesy of dreamstime.com

As an example, in everyday life and what you and I are in right now for the purpose of writing and reading these words, is Beta brainwaves. Or to understand it more simply, we are alert, concentrated, and cognitive.

Many people stay in this brainwave bracket for most of the day and as you can see, the speed at which it operates is quick, sharp and not overly consistent. This is great for being sharp, for learning, or for solving problems (like much of our working life), but as you can see from the next bracket down (Alpha brainwaves) it’s not overly conducive for relaxation, creativity, or visualization.

To be relaxed, creative, and visual is what many would describe as how we feel when we are in a flow state. So, how do we get there?

Dropping from Beta to Alpha

Cue brainwave music.

Sometimes our mind is too busy or our workload too high to sit quietly and meditate for a while, or to take a nice leisurely walk in nature. Doing either one of these activities can also induce an alpha state to help with relaxation, creativity, and visualization but as I just mentioned above, we don’t always have that can’t of time.

That’s why I love brainwave music so much and why I listen to it so frequently.

It speaks directly to the subconscious mind and they start to ‘sync up’. So, if I’m listening to a brainwave track that enhances focus and deep relaxation, I find that I am very quickly in that place. It’s an amazing tool that allows me to drop in quicker, to quiet down the mind, to narrow my focus, and to create.

As I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds, if not thousands of hours of brainwave music, from 10 minutes to 10 hours long, so there’s content available for every desired time of the day, whether that be for work, for relaxation or sleep.

Imagine, if you will, that brainwave music is like being on the opposite end of the spectrum to using Eminem’s — Lose Yourself to pump yourself up with (or is it just me?).

We’re all familiar with certain music lifting our energy and enhancing our mood, now we can use it in other ways too.

In a world that’s so busy and quick, finding ways to slow down and keep the mind focused while being relaxed and open is key, not just for productivity, but for inner peace and relaxation too.

I really couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

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