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Life On An Even Path

It is something we all strive for; a life even, and steady, touching each major part in an equally healthy amount. Yet something that sometime seems the impossible. A Balanced Life, is the number one end goal in life. There are two main actions that can (and hopefully will) lead to a balanced life. Also, in the near future I will also write about seven steps to restore, and maintain that balance, once we have mastered the couple points to lead us to balance. So, on we go to those two main actions.

The two main actions for the pursuit of living that balanced life is number one, “Understand, and Respect each of the areas of your life.” It’s pretty simple, as there really is no complexity to that rule of thumb. If you aren’t bringing an open mindedness, and that respect for each area of your life, and not accepting each with its own sense of importance and priority, eventually something, even if minor, and small, can, and most likely will soon fall apart.

With each of the areas being their own foundation and building block, all together holding up something that’s much more massive and complex, then very easily, we are just asking for problems, asking for things to crumble piece by piece. It’s just inevitable. A minor slip, has a major chance of causing big problems.

Action number two is summarized as, “Change your perspective in the areas in which you are stuck.” To me, that is quite the brilliant statement, and it relates once again to the closed minds that I think all of us have problems with from time to time.

Keeping that mind closed, has its own ability to keep us continuously stressing 24/7, and it is most likely stress that doesn’t even hold much value. Stressing about particular things that we are probably wrong about if it’s our closed minds telling us it’s wrong. Also, being that there is also a good chance that. that’s the particular fact that is causing our balance to become undone, we really have to stop, and ask ourselves, are our minds open, are we looking at every angle, are we giving a fair opened analysis, are we problem solving in a balanced manner?

One of the more difficult tasks is to regain and restore balance, once it’s lost. That was certainly the case for me, as I had lost everything during my active addiction. Lost in the blink of an eye, an it took ten times as long as to try to regain.

Along that road of addiction, after a very long time of searching all throughout myself in many personal inventories, I was finally able to learn so much about me, so much about defects that would continue to hold me back, if I did not come to an acceptance of them. I had that closed mind that I wrote about earlier. That closed mind was either going to continue to ruin me, and keep me from sobriety. Or I was going to have to choose to put my entire life into the hard work that would be needed to open my mind, and therefore succeed at sobriety

I was very blessed to be given the gift to be able to see my character defects, and take all the second chances I was given, and use those chances constructively. Many places in my mind were closed. I’ve since worked hard to open the mind up more. Learn about me more.

Embrace A world of sobriety. Maintain a balance once lost.




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