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Make Your Dream Crystal Clear So You’ll Take the Massive Action Required to Achieve It

Most of your problems can be solved with more action.

Anthony Moore
Sep 21, 2020 · 7 min read

If your dream isn’t crystal clear, you’re probably not going to take the massive action necessary to achieve it.

After accomplishing some of the most impossible-sounding dreams I’ve ever had — publish a book, become a full-time writer, make six figures working for myself, traveling the world with my wife — I’ve learned that big dreams require big work. You get out what you put in.

For me, it took consistently waking up at 5:00am to work extra hours even though I had a full-time job. It took changing my entire diet and nutrition because I needed better sleep. It took making big leaps into scary unknowns, like quitting my job, moving abroad, and starting my own business.

I couldn’t have done any of this if I didn’t know exactly what I was fighting for.

If your dream isn’t crystal clear, you won’t take the massive action necessary to achieve it. You have to know your Why — why you’re fighting for what you’re fighting for. Because if your Why is strong enough, you can do pretty much any How.

If You Have a Strong-Enough Why, You Can Do Any How

I remember when my wife and I moved to South Korea to start teaching English, we got sick a lot.

We think it was the air quality and smog (people were wearing face masks before it was cool!). My wife had bronchitis a couple times. I’d get the chills and a fever. It was rough.

I remember telling my wife one night I was going to wake up early to work on my writing. She was shocked, because I’d been sick all day and I looked exhausted. She couldn’t believe I was going to forego sleep to work.

You know what’s really shocking? I wanted to wake up early. I was excited. I wanted to work, even if I was sick and exhausted and had a full-time job where I’d subconsciously begun covering my crotch with my hands so these little 2nd graders wouldn’t punch me in the balls.

It didn’t matter to me. I was so excited about my future, about what my life would look like, if I was able to pull this off and become a writer.

If you have a strong-enough Why, you can do almost any How.

Your Why is your fuel. And you don’t just want fuel, you need it. You can’t go anywhere without it.

I look around, and I see a lot of people trying to start a journey without any fuel. They don’t really know why they’re doing what they’re doing. They haven’t taken the time to get crystal clarity on their future.

As best-selling author Darren Hardy once wrote, “Most people drift through life without devoting much conscious energy to figuring out specifically what they want and what they need to do to take themselves there.”

Before you start your journey, you need to stock up on fuel. A lot of it. Then, you can do pretty much anything.

In his book The Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss explained how setting up a rewards system was crucial for his progress. He noticed his old reward system wasn’t working — he wasn’t excited about doing all the work required to achieve his goal.

He realized he needed better rewards. If he promised himself a week-long vacation to Hawaii in a beachfront condo and unlimited luau food, he would break through walls to achieve his goal. But if his reward was a weekend trip to Cleveland, he probably wouldn’t even change what type of cereal he ate in the mornings.

This the power of clarity. If you tap into this power, you can unlock motivation and energy like you’ve never seen. You can break through walls, wake up early, stay up late, make a hundred sales calls; if your Why is strong enough, you can do any How.

But you need enormous clarity to unlock those tools.

Action Brings Clarity

Most people’s understanding of clarity is backwards: They think they need clarity first before they take any action.

The truth is, action brings clarity. Once you start taking massive action, your Why will start to become very clear to you.

When I first started working for myself, I had all kinds of dreams and goals for my business. I wrote down affirmations like “I will make $200,000 dollars this year” and “I will become a New York Times best-selling author by December 31st.” These all sounded fun and exciting, and I thought that’s what I wanted.

But after taking massive action towards these goals, I started to realize what I really wanted. Frankly, I don’t really care if I’m a New York Times best-selling author. Who would I brag to? My wife? My mom? Do I get a million dollars or something? Nope, not even a plaque.

You know what I really want?


I want the freedom to do whatever I want, when I want.

I want to make sure I never have a boss again. I want to make sure I never have to go to another stupid, pointless meeting again (I went to several of these meetings every day back in my old desk job). I want to be able to travel the world with my wife and family without worrying about money or work or whether we can afford it or not.

I don’t need to become a best-selling author for that. I probably don’t even need $200,000/year for that.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s what I really wanted. But taking massive action was probably the only way I was going to realize that.

Start with some exciting goals. Then take massive action towards them.

You’ll realize pretty quickly if they’re the right goals, or if there’s something deeper that’s actually important.

I was listening to an episode of Dave Chang’s cooking podcast, and he was discussing the job duties of the chefs leading his multiple high-end restaurants across the country.

Their jobs sounded awful. Wake up at 3:30am to get the freshest fish at the fish market, head to the restaurant to clean and prep for the day, make a new menu for the day, discuss the ingredients and dishes with the other chefs, then spend all day preparing the food, then work so hard for so long you don’t even have time for a bathroom break until 11:40pm after the last guest leaves.

That sounds like hell to me.

But these chefs love cooking so f*cking much, it doesn’t matter to them. They love their jobs. They wouldn’t trade it for the world.

That is true clarity. You get there by taking massive action so you can learn what you truly desire.

Massive Results Require Massive Action

“Almost every problem people face in their lives are all the result of not taking enough action.” -Grant Cardone

If you still feel stuck, ask yourself — have you taken massive action yet?

Years ago, I was working as a telemarketer for a horrible company. I’d constantly complain about it. I’d call my cousin during my lunch break to complain. I’d complain to my friends on the weekend. I’d especially complain to my coworkers, who knew better than anyone how crappy our jobs were.

But one day, I complained to the wrong person. He was a friend of a friend, and I told him the usual story — my job sucked, no one was hiring, I was stuck, life sucks.

His response was blunt and cutting — stop complaining and find a new job.

He told me I needed to cancel my social engagements so I could apply for more jobs. I needed to go to job fairs. I needed to send my resume out every day. I needed to meet with recruiters and headhunters.

I was stunned (and a little annoyed) this random guy shut down my complaints so quickly.

But later that day, dammit — I realized he was right. I needed to get serious. I needed to take massive action.

So I did. I started networking with every high-level executive at my company. I took over a dozen of them out to lunch and coffee. I got my name out there.

Eventually, I got hired for a job. I later learned that many of the other applicants had far better resumes and experience than I did. It didn’t matter — I took so much action that the hiring manager knew me personally and wanted me. I remember my first day on the job, one of the few people I didn’t get a chance to meet said, “So, you’re the Anthony Moore everyone’s been talking about!” I was stunned. Apparently, pretty much everyone in the department knew my name before I was hired.

Massive results require massive action.

In Conclusion

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have crystal clear clarity on what I wanted.

But I wouldn’t have gotten clarity if I didn’t take massive action.

Most of the problems in your life can be dramatically reduced or straight-up solved if you took more action.

It’s hard — it’s easier to complain to your spouse and coworkers and friends about diary about how difficult your life is, and how you have no idea what you want to do with your life.

But if you want massive results, you need to take massive action. That will bring you clarity, and ultimately, peace in your life.

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Anthony Moore

Written by

Writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, and you. Come say hey.

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment. Join thousands of others making the climb on Medium.

Anthony Moore

Written by

Writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, and you. Come say hey.

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment. Join thousands of others making the climb on Medium.

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