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Mindfulness & Its Many Building Blocks

I have recently started studying Mindfulness. It seems like it is going to be a subject that is much more complex and detailed then I first ever could had imagined. Even though that’s the case, I feel that my interest will still stay into place because it is something that I really wish I would had been proficient in in my days that have long since passed. It all seems quite simple, with it mostly being defined around the basis of living a world that is based on keeping a better awareness of every part of life, and the road that life is traveling on. Take a hold of the thinking we think, the feelings we feel, and other the senses that we are feeling, when we are feeling them.

Last time I wrote about a part of Mindfulness that were skills called the “What Skills Of Mindfulness,” which were about what we were observing, describing, and participating. The other three skills of Mindfulness are called the “How Skills Of Mindfulness.”

The first skill is called Nonjudgmentally. It’s about keeping something on a factual level. Developed only through a basis concluded by facts. Something that we do not judge or make decisions that may be fueled by our opinions, or what may be personal standards, and not necessarily facts. It’s about acceptance, no matter what, on all sides of a spectrum, something perhaps with a wonderful side, and a side that may not be as nice. Like accepting that a day can be one of beauty and sunshine, or of thunder, lightning, and rain.

It’s about an acceptance but not a judgement. Acknowledge differences of good and bad, big and small, safe, unsafe. And also our own emotions, fears, & moral. Acknowledge them all, but don’t judge them. Even with our own flaws, and bad sides, acknowledge them. Don’t judge your judging.

The next “How Skill” is called One-Mindfully. It mostly relates to one thing at a time, one day at a time, focusing ourselves into the exact point on each one moment as they come. Like the above visual reads, the one thing at a time mentality, gets it’s foundation and reason from the fact that it’s the best way to avoid distraction.

Our focus can improve when we work on coming full circle back to the moment we are in. Giving full attention to where it needs to be, improving the quality of that attention. Improving concentration. You will come to surprise, just how many distractions we are usually always fighting at almost every waking moment of our days.

The last skill is one that is called Effectively. Much of that points toward an awareness of what a final goal of ours is for a given situation, and then figuring out what we need to do, and what is needed in order for achievement of a current goal. It’s mission is another that is a lot about removing unnecessary distractions, that are just not needed for any type of accomplishment. When all of our focus is on what is solely necessary for completely each goal successfully, success can be found much more effectively. Many Mindfulness studies recommend that this skill also follow “playing by the rules.” and keep such a regular pattern. Also, be sure to be doing what is needed to get through whatever situation it is, you’re currently in & not for a situation you only wish you were in.

That part goes back to the skill of Nonjudgmentally, that involves an acceptance of acknowledgement of the real actual situation of where we’re at, not where we only wish. One of the last quotes in a workbook on the subject on this skill says “Let go of willfulness and sitting on your hands.”

The subject of Mindfulness, as we can see, is not the type of thing that we can learn in a day. It’s very detailed, as well as very interesting. It continues to serve its purpose to me so far, as I myself continue to work hard on my own awareness and acknowledgement of my life, where I’m at, and where I’m going.



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