No One Is Immune to Seduction — Therefore, Paralysis.

We are only human.

Superhumans exist only in the stories we create and uphold as examples of something to strive for.

We make our minds up about one thing only to fall prey to the allure of another.

If we can’t change it, do we accept it?

I am 23 and I do not know the answer.

How can I know something that requires years of perspective to truly know? I cannot know the answer but I can guess at it and trust the opinion of others who have gone before me.

I fall prey to the thought that every decision I make at 23 is critically important.

“If I go left in this moment, I am closing off a world of future opportunities that come from going right…!!”

I graduated from an amazing university with high hopes. Almost every single person in my life expects amazing things of me.

They expect success, wise decisions, strategic thinking, clever positioning, thought leadership, and, generally speaking, big things.

Flashy university degree → High expectations → Big ideas → The belief that my decisions today shape all of my future → Absolute paralysis.

I am terrified of making the wrong decision and therefore I make no decision.

Seduction — No One Escapes.

Every time I make up my mind that I finally have the right idea for the decision to make, the job to pursue, the career to begin, the correct trajectory to commence upon…some new idea comes up and throws a wrench in everything that seemed so perfect a day or two before.

I decide that a job in a big tech company is for me and that it will set me up for all of the future successes that I promise myself….and the next week the idea suddenly seems riddled with flaws and a career in real estate seems far more wise (after all, it is where many people lay the foundation for their future wealth).

But wait, what about my degree in political science and my love of law? Maybe politics isn’t as boring as I was telling myself. After all, look at the impact a politician can have in his life time. Perhaps I should start studying for the LSAT and find a campaign for which to work?

Circles suck.

It seems that giving up is a better idea than waiting for the perfect combination of factors to come together into the most wise decision.

Give up on the idea that there is a single best answer, make a decision to the best of your abilities, consult with those you trust and who care about your life….


The paralysis of circling without deciding IS the bad decision!

The more lives you learn from, the more mistakes you observe in the lives of others, the more stories of success you take apart and relate to your own decisions, the more you will understand that there are no perfect decisions.

There are no perfect decisions.

There is only now.

There is only the moment between awareness and action.

Making a decision is more important than waiting for the right decision.

In fact, there is no right decision coming.

So, don’t get caught in the paralyzing swirl of seductive indecision.

Make a decision and move forward.

Jeremiah Luke Barnett

Written by

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