Organising your Start Up

James Hamann
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3 min readMay 23, 2017


As things gear up towards starting, we’ve been getting everything in place, including domains, email, finances, bank cards and everything in between. I thought it’d be useful to share a few different ways to keep on top of things from the start.

Get a Shared Drive

We’ve got GSuite setup, so this makes a lot of what I’m going to mention a lot easier. I recommend doing something similar as it makes sure you’re on the same page as your other team members. A shared drive means anyone one of us can hop in edit/upload/share any document and everyone has visibility of it. A good example is keeping track of finances, we’ve setup a folder with a spreadsheet and another folder within that for any invoices or receipts we receive. This way we can simultaneously edit/update if we spend anything and it gives us a good snapshot into what our outgoings are vs what’s coming in. Also, if you’re like me, and useless at saving important documents or are always looking for something, this streamlines that process with ensuring everything is in one place.

Get a shared To Do List

Project management is so important, especially if your working to a tight schedule. Having a shared to-do list increases the visibility of tasks and can help keep things on track. There’s loads of ways you can do this, we use Trello because it’s simple, easy and accessible for everyone. We sort a few columns out and if something needs to get done, they’ll add a ticket and assign it to whoever needs to action it.

Get a Shared Calendar

Again, with GSuite this comes as standard, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. The importance of having a shared calendar, whether that’s digital or paper, is vital. It just means everyone’s on the same page, not only with personal holidays or appointments, but deadlines, milestones and you can quickly get an idea of how far away something is. We’re working in sprints, so being able to have each sprint mapped out on a calendar is great, it gives a rough roadmap of where things are going and when they’ll be delivered.

Get a Shared Email Account

So there’s a bit of a pattern here, but it’s good to have a centralised email that you and your partner(s) can access. It gives one place for all invoices and company related emails to sit, which is important if you’re doing tax returns etc… It’s also useful to have another centralised account for social media, you don’t want to have to ask someone for their password and use their email as the login every time. It helps with centralising communication as well as speeding up and simplifying the setup of social media sites.

Time Block Your Week

This is something that I’ve been doing personally, which has helped greatly. I’ve started time blocking certain days and hours for certain tasks, both work related and personal. I’ve found not only has productivity increased but my overall organisation has as well. For example, I’m only a couple of days into this posting challenge and there’s a few times I would’ve forgotten or just not bothered to publish anything because I get lazy and procrastinate. Setting aside dedicated time and blocking it out of my day means I can sit down and actually do it, regardless of what else I want to do. Everyone’s different, but it’s helped me massively.


There’s alternatives to what I’ve mentioned above, but I guess the key theme is to keep communication open and clear. At the end of the day, these are things that are meant to make your life easier, they’re meant to increase productivity and organisation. You shouldn’t be overcomplicating things and spending hours time blocking your next 3 weeks or colour coding your calendar. These things should be easy to maintain once in place and if you find yourself spending too much time planning and not enough time doing, just simplify things. There’s a balance, and everyone’s different, so it’s important to find what’s right for you.

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