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Push Back On Your Flaw-Backs

“Back to back, like I’m Jordan ’96, ‘97”

Let’s keep it honest. We have flaws (no shit, Sherlock).

We are all living towards high standards. We live in a competitive, driven world that we might forget the values and morals we identify with.

One of the reasons I love Medium is its community. Everyone is consistently improving and sharing. We are grinding 24/7 (I am writing this article on Christmas on Christmas).

But we are flawed. Self-reflection is a difficult task. Worse, we might be encouraged to suppress self-reflection with the positive affirmations we tell ourselves. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in positive internal thoughts are pivotal for success. However, what happens when our positive statements can blind ourselves. The longer we cannot recognize our flaws, the more they become normal. How are we suppose to figure out our weak points?

We sometimes need to step back and understand our shortcomings. I find it difficult for the following reasons. First, it’s hard bursting your bubble. We often cover our flaws with false beliefs. After a while, we believe these false beliefs that we do not question it anymore.

Secondly, you must sit and analyze your life to understand your shortcomings. Nowadays, it can be challenging to find time for self-reflection. If you’re consistently on the move, you might discover self-reflection as a waste of time (I occasionally still do).

I am encouraging you to stop and write your flaws you would like to address. I am not a big fan of New Years Resolutions. But it does offer an excuse to make a list of flaws we would like to tackle. The list below is mine. However, we cannot just discuss it. We need to commit to making small changes that can help us improve our flaws!


I need to sleep more. I received a FitBit as a secret Santa gift. Over the last week, I have an average of 5 hours and 20 minutes of sleep (I wake up at 510AM). I am aiming for 6 hours and 15 minutes. I know it’s important, but I tend to be busy (or I am creating an excuse).


After reading Ryan Holiday’s article, I set two daily reminders. The first will remind to accomplish the daily priorities I set myself the day before. The second reminder will be notified to me do my night routine.


I need to improve my physical health. Or more precisely, I need to lose weight. Most people would disagree, but I am not comfortable at the weight I am. I am not overweight by any means. I am 5'6 and weight 149 points. I work out Monday through Saturday. I do intermediate fasting 3–4 times a week. But I have continued to gain weight (gained 5 pounds in the last few months). And I have to be quite frank, and I have a good eating lifestyle until 930 PM. I tend to binge eat. Not anything unhealthy… but just in large quantities.


I will also set a reminder with the following question: “Will future Alex be admirable or disappointed if you overeat?” Notice I took my time with the question I am setting as the reminder. It’s essential to think of the future you. Ever notice that you could be motived to workout on a Monday morning but Wednesday morning you get lazy. All of us have good intentions to improve. Jordan Peterson summarizes the points perfectly in his new book. We are more willing to help other people than ourselves. We will forget to take our daily treatment, but we would push our friends and relatives to consume their medical supplements.

If we shift our thinking as holding ourselves accountable for your future self, I believe it would be helpful.

I will also follow a Ketogenic diet. Whether you disagree or agree with the eating style, I would appreciate your input in the comment sections. I am trying the Ketogenic diet because I want to improve my habits by making it interesting (another suggestion in Ryan Holiday’s article). Also, carbohydrates make me sluggish.


I try to do much. This is a different problem from the previous two. I tend to start on ideas/projects throughout the week without completing one. I have articles on data science, machine learning, and self-improving I want to write about. I have data science projects I am working through. There are online courses I am currently taking and would like to make. And, I work from 930AM — 630PM.


I will write in my journal things I would like to accomplish weekly. Every night, I will write three things I would like to achieve the next day using my weekly note as a reference!

I get it. If you think this article is your typical cliché Medium-like article, you are right. If you think this is another author who is promoting the typical “do this to improve your life” sentiment, you are right. However, I need to hold myself accountable for flaws I see in myself. You should too. Writing and posting online is a great way to hold yourself accountable. You should too.

Best wishes in 2019!


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