The survival of your business depends upon these creative skills.

The Creative Talent: How “Easily” Can You Rebuild Your Business?

You’ve been contaminated too long, to avoid these important skills in your business, now.

Victor Camon
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I had that meeting yesterday. They hired me to be creative with the Brand. But I was avoiding the meeting.

I studied their Brand from the inside out. Wanted to know what they really want and what they were trying to accomplish. I also had to develop a proposition focused on their Chinese Project and finally was hired to make an attractive Brand Book.

They removed many of my words and re-built my proposition with their message.

Why are you hiring me and later on changing what I’ve made?

You hired me because you were not having the results you were expecting. You are not earning enough with the way you work right now. Why did you modify my proposition by coming back to what doesn’t works for you?

To get the right things done, choosing what to ignore is as important as choosing where to focus. Peter Bregman

Alert! Your company might be infected by the Standard

I already experienced a similar situation to this company before. Basically, such companies are just following the same strategies as all their competitors.

The brand was contaminated by its industry standards.

In any sector, in company younger than 10 years, this happens:

• It is more and more difficult to acquire new clients.
• Clients want to keep less stock.
• Clients are not loyal to your brand.
• There is more and more competition.
• You must lower prices and margins to work more and earn less than before.

Welcome to the current world.

I can’t list all the factors why this happens. There are many. But there is one that is the same for everyone:

Your company is contaminated by the status quo.

This jewelry brand has been struggling to stay in the market for a few years now. Luckily, they currently have a good project in China but if they didn’t, they would close in 3 months.

In their last exhibition in Vicenza, they realized all competitors were complaining about their odds. Complaining about how new brands were entering very strong to the market. How Chinese products were cheaper and more plentiful and they could not compete. How jewelry shops were globally empty…

90% of jewelry brands are not successful and are losing their business day by day.

And they still complain every day about their bad luck. They prefer to cry than to understand they are infected by the status quo.

If a brand continues doing the same things for 20–30+ years, refusing to update its marketing approach, how can it expect to really survive in the market?

You can’t expect to improve if you are still influenced by others

Our family. Our education. Friends, partners… we are all influenced by the opinions of others.

The ones that don’t tend to pay attention to what others say or how the world is built are assumed to be crazy.

But then, when they make something amazing, they’re called a genius

To be a kid is to accept that anything is possible. To not know the reason for anything and interrogate everything.

To be an adult means to have a more narrow view of what is possible. To know about what you know and pretend you know more than you do about everything else. Of course, asking why is a sign of weakness. So if you don’t know the reason you shut up.

When you were a kid I am sure you were creative. You were able to play to anything. With anyone. To find very special solutions to change the world, to fight against an alien, you dreamt to be the next Messi of the world.

There were no limits for your imagination. Therefore, you were really creative.

Today, you don’t believe you are a genius. It‘s important to be creative and especially for the world that is coming.

But our adult minds still believe that what is real today is the only thing that exists. That there are no better options.

Our current lives wander around the conformity of what exists.

And of course, that causes big problems to brands which are not finding their location in the market. With business which has no way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

How will your business survive if 90% of your competitors are following the same strategy and 90% of them still believe is the right one?

Rebuild your brand from many Creative Opportunities

20% of people will read this full article, while 80% of them will write the headline. That’s why it’s so important to have an attractive headline.

Think about your business. What’s the real headline of your business? Is your headline attracting your customer?

10 years ago I read a book from Og Mandino (The University of Success). Every day I read, and that became a habit. I was reading from many writers, and one day I realized I was reading 1 book every 10 days.

Because of that, my self-confidence grew and I started sharing my thoughts and improving my skills. That became another habit until I decided I needed to share what others had taught me through books, articles, and videos, so I could improve others’ lives and business.

Finally, I decided I would do that by harnessing the Creativity which many people have hidden.

5 Creative Skills to use when you are re-building your business

  1. Do not be constrained by the status quo. Creative work starts with unlocking all possibilities. Nothing is Yes and nothing is No. Just offer as many ideas as possible. You’ll have time to discard the bad ones and keep the best ones.
  2. Creativity requires a blank mind. Become a child once more. You’ve been really impacted by the standards, and if you are reading here it means that you need to find new opportunities. Forget about the standards, as they have not helped yet. Again, all shall be possible; do not judge any opportunity.
  3. Avoid paying attention to other opinions. Other opinions and/or thoughts are what has driven you to this situation. When you receive an opinion just listen to it and verify if it’s good or not for your situation, nothing more than this. Delete what doesn’t work. Usually, the ones who share your opinions haven’t even tried to do what you are doing. So why do you care?
  4. There are no limits. This shall be one of your Mottos about Creativity. You can’t put any limits to your thoughts. Go away, don’t be in a prison and surrounded by 4 walls. Your creativity will have no limits to be developed and spread.
  5. Plane Mode. When entering in a Creativity process forget about other distractions. The number one distraction is your mobile phone, so put your life on plane mode and just think and create for your business. You need 20 minutes to come back to your work if you have been distracted. Plane mode for Creativity.

Start from Here…

5 Creative Exercises to develop a powerful business re-build

  1. Have doubts about everything or even better: Question everything
    From the label to the box, to the aroma … doubt can lead you to creative criticism. To find new ways of doing. Creativity implies choosing from many different possibilities, not just the existing one. Doubting everything can raise something unexpected that when following the status quo you would not be able to see.
  2. Doubt as a child.
    A child mentality can only create. It does not serve to destroy. The mature mind is the one that destroys. It is the one in which a proposal becomes a non-possibility because it is out of the ordinary world. A child does not think that something cannot exist. A mature mind does.
  3. Eliminate your competition and imagine that you are the pioneer.
    This imagination exercise can offer the possibility of creating from zero. From the need of the consumer, not from what has already been invented. Look around. Why do motorcycles have 2 wheels? Why couldn’t low-lying vehicles be built higher? If your business did not exist and you were to be the first to invent it, what would you do? From this position, build.
  4. Think about the future.
    Forget about what will come and value what can come. Leonardo da Vinci imagined parachutes, helicopters … he probably had a privileged mind but the most important thing is that he used. Now think about your business and imagine how it will be 5 years from now. Now go beyond to the future in 10 years and end with the future in 30 years. How will your business be in 30 years? How can you start being part of it?
  5. What is the real problem?
    It’s that simple. Take your time to answer what is the real problem your consumer has and calibrate whether or not your product or business is solving it.

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