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Seasons Change For A Reason. Pay Attention.

They’re more than just weather, they’re opportunities.

Every few months, change it up and confuse the routine. | Magic Room Brand

I’ll be honest, I love a good snowstorm. Not just a little snow, I’m talking about the huge dump of snow that inconveniences the entire city and shuts the whole place down. We’ve had a few storms like that this season — one in particular — and it was awesome.

Sometimes mother nature just wants to keep us on our toes and we can’t fault her for that.

But depending on where you live, this winter has been looooong. Here in St. Louis, we’ve felt it pretty hard. I mean, yeah I get it: winter is supposed to be cold, but right around this time of year, we’re over it. Dunzo.


There are places on this Earth that are pretty steady when it comes to seasonal weather. By that, I mean places where the weather doesn’t change that much throughout the year. I do wonder how nice living in a place where it’s 78 and sunny every day might be, but then I remind myself about one thing I really enjoy about where we currently call home…


I like seasons. Seems like a simple idea, but in the good ‘ol midwest of the good ol’ US of A, we have seasons. Winter is cold. Spring is warmer and can be a little windy. Summer is hot and humid, and fall is…well…fall is best described by the word “crisp,” which is both weird and strangely accurate.

Seasons are more than just changes in weather, they’re like opportunities. An opportunity to breath new life into a project you’ve been putting off. Maybe the new season could offer you the opportunity of tackling an ongoing problem in a new, fresh way. Perhaps external changes in your surroundings can enlighten or shift your perspective on a bothersome issue, helping you find some peace of mind.

Changes in seasons throughout your year can maybe, just maybe, be like P90X for your life. Every few months, change it up and confuse the routine so it knows that you’re in charge of it and not the other way around.

Weird analogy? Yep.

But, you get what I’m saying, right? Also yep.

Turn. Turn. Turn.

It’s not so much “starting over,” since I don’t think that’s a good way of putting it. The transition between seasons can be the perfect time to take a good, hard look at your ever-growing to-do list and re-prioritize it.

We all have those few things on our to-do list that just kind of stays there, getting bumped until later, then later, then later again, until finally it just becomes this invisible fixture on the list…quietly waiting to be moved to the “to ignore forever” list that doesn’t exist.

I know I do, so I’m going to let the spring wind blow that shit away.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for physical places like your hallway closet or your garage, it can be for things like your productivity, your family, and your creativity. Let’s face it, those things can get pretty cluttered and impossible to navigate, too.

Be ready

The weather may not be an indicator, but I promise that spring is coming. It’s only two weeks away, so get ready what ever you think needs to be ready.

Your garage is finally going to be rid of all those dead leaves. You will be able to open your hallway closet without all those umbrellas falling on your head, and you’ll finally be able to have a doable to-do list without a bunch of unimportant crap on it.

And in three months, we’ll do it all over again.


Vijoy Rao || Founder // Magic Room Brand
Eco-friendly gear for today’s musicians. | Magic Room Brand

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