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James Hamann
May 17, 2017 · 3 min read

Recently we’ve been getting everything setup and confirmed for our exciting, new start-up. The finer details will be revealed in the coming weeks, but I figured I’d start blogging about our journey, including all the ups and downs along the way. These are obviously our experiences, each company has it’s own challenges and obstacles.

A little, quick, background information about the company. We’re building a consumer based app on mobile and web platforms. When we start our marketing cycle, more will be revealed.

Setting up

Now, when you think start-up, you probably think edgy, cool, small company, but you probably forget all the ball ache involved in setting one up. It’s not really ball ache, it’s exciting! Thankfully my colleague is pretty clued up with these things, he managed to get the company VAT registered and setup pretty quickly. The hardest part, funnily enough, was being able to get a business bank account. Bearing in mind we hadn’t taken any loans of any sort out from the bank, we literally just wanted an account where we’d be able to deposit the money. Simple enough right? Long story short, we had to get verified multiple times and ended up changing our bank because our first choice were quite unhelpful and wasted a lot of our time in the end. The whole delay had an impact on securing one of our suppliers as we had to pay a deposit to ensure a production timeline. Thankfully, we managed to sort out an alternative, but this delay nearly cost us our launch date. So, first lesson, choose your bank carefully and make sure everything is in order when you open the account so there is no potential for any delays.

Shit’s getting real

A week or so ago we got our first payment in the account, which is when shit pretty much got real. From here on out, each week will become busier and things will begin to move a lot faster, which is both exciting and petrifying at the same time.

I’ve previously did a post on productivity, I quickly realised that when you’re super busy it’s even more important to stick to it. My Wunderlist (to-do list) has grown exponentially with things you may not even consider, silly things like setting up emails, phone lines, Slack, iTunes Connect, Google Drive, etc… Having these things considered and setup early provides an organised environment for everyone, it allows us to keep track of budgets and finance as well as any marketing materials we create.

Current Progress

We are currently designing our brand and logo as well as looking at how we want to market ourselves. There’s a lot of useful information out there and, especially during these times, Google is almost definitely your best friend.

As things progress and we begin our marketing cycle I’ll be sharing more about the journey.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction, please do share and recommend. Thanks for reading!

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The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment.

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