Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Steps to make your ideas real

Kayla Peart
Nov 12 · 3 min read
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On any given day, I probably have about 1,000 ideas swirling in my mind. It requires a lot of restraint not to dive head-first into every one.

There have been times I entertained a few ideas and it backfired. I was so eager and infatuated with the possible outcomes that I didn’t prepare a strategy. You can’t expect to run a marathon without training first, right?

Well, you can’t act on ideas without a plan.

Think it through

I know what you’re thinking: the title of this article contradicts the first step. Yes and no.

It’s good to have ideas. Imagining the possible outcomes of them succeeding acts as fuel. It’s the motivation needed to move forward.

However, going all-in on an idea without researching it first isn’t wise. All that excitement will quickly dissipate because you didn’t give your idea(s) a fair chance.

It’s not right to have this awesome idea and then have it fail to launch. If a strategy was in place to embrace possible struggles and have the steps to move forward, there’s a better chance of success.

Pace yourself

I’m a step-skipper. I want to go to step 5 without doing all the previous ones. To be closer to the end result, really.

That mindset has led to frustration and being overwhelmed. You can’t expect good results without putting in the work from start to finish.

It’s important to pace yourself and take it slow. Rushing to get things done only ends in disappoint.

Slow and steady wins the race.

What I’ve experienced is a better outcome when you take it day by day, test the waters, and find solutions to hiccups in the process. Evaluating the process from the get-go will help prepare for anything that comes up. It’ll ensure you stick with the plan as well.

Take action

All this thinking, planning, and preparedness will produce a better outcome rather than diving in head-first. It’ll also give you insight into whether or not an idea is worth all the future hard work.

There’s been plenty of instances where I planned something out and ended up abandoning ship. The risk outweighed the reward or it wasn’t the right time to take on an extra load of work.

I’d rather go through the planning stage only to drop the whole idea instead of going through with it and quit halfway. I’ve done that plenty of times before and it’s not a good feeling. What ends up happening is thinking about all the ‘what ifs.’

What if I stuck with it? What if hadn’t quit and jumped right into another project? It was a struggle to deal with the feelings of failure and disappointment.

The solution was thinking my ideas through and pacing myself. I felt a lot better taking that approach rather than leave a lot of abandoned projects in my wake.

When you take action to make your ideas real, think of it as a promise to yourself that you’ll either go through with it or understand it isn’t the right time. There’s no right or wrong way — what matters is that you do what’s best for you.

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