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The First Step Is All We Need

Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash

Most of the time, life is unclear to us. It gives us things we do not know how to handle at first. We do not know what is the reason why is something happening in our life. Sometimes, it gives us an opportunity we do not realize it is valuable to us in the long run.

But we are scared to take it. Why? 🤕

We, humans, have the fight and flight response when we encounter uncertainty. Fight and flight response is a mental reaction if we will stay on the fight or flee. By default, we always to choose the flee response because of how our mind has been designed. That is why we get scared easily. We are by default afraid of the uncertainty.

Danger Is Real But Fear Is A Choice 🚧

Uncertainty leads to danger. We can derive the danger and fear of uncertainty. Many people have tried exceptional things and dangerous things. Some of them got accident and sadly some of them died from it.

Do not get me wrong but the danger is real! But fear is a choice we create. When we want to do something, other people will say that is dangerous and we will get discouraged from it. On the other hand, we also discourage ourselves when we evaluate something it looks scary. Then we ended up with nothing.

We accumulate the fear from our thoughts then we get discourage in the end with nothing.

I remembered when I had to jump on a free fall wall. My legs and hands are shaking out of fear. It was a 15 meters fall down. The instructor told us on a count of 3 we need to jump. Before jumping, I had started asking myself if this is the right decision to make? I started questioning my decisions and asking if I am going to die on this fall down! Even with the harness strapped on you, it was like nothing. The instructor started counting backward, 3.. 2… It was at this moment I step back! I am scared! What if it suddenly cuts down in the middle? Who is going to save you? Your mama is not there!

When we encounter danger, we create thoughts that build up our fear and eventually discourage us. It is like whispering to us “Hey buddy, it is dangerous. Stop it. You will not like it. You might die from it! Stop it. Stoooooop!!!”. It is like that every time.

I backed down a little from the free fall jump. I let other people jump first before me. One thing our instructor told us that kept on my mind ever since is to take the first step already. Do not let your mind accumulates enough thoughts that will discourage you. The next time I got the chance to jump again, I was brave enough. When the instructor started counting again, I stopped thinking and jump when he said jump! It was one of the satisfying moment in my life. It was one of the courageous moment in my life.

The danger is real, but fear is the accumulated thoughts we’ve created to discourage us. It is not real.

The Other Side Of Fear 🌗

What if we always take the first step? Are we going to be a better person? Of course! Did you know that every time we make a decision it opens a lot of doors?

What do you mean by doors?

Imagine that the way we make decisions is like a parallel universe. Every decision will create a new universe. But since we do not know what will happen on the other side. We cannot guarantee the results. If we do, this article will be nothing.

I remembered the video that Will Smith posted before. He spoke about how scared he was before skydiving. He cannot sleep the night before it. He cannot eat because of how scared he was. He was also questioning his decisions if it was correct.

The video link of Will Smith can be found here.

We always think one-sided when we encounter fear. All we can think are negative thoughts. But we left the positive thoughts in the corner. Do you remember the fight and flight response reaction? By default, we want to flee uncertainty. Uncertainty can result in danger.

As a result, when we accomplish the fear that we have created what happens next? We are proud and happy with ourselves! The other side of fear is the best feeling we can encounter in this world.

Bringing it all together 🏋

The free fall experience I had shared awhile ago is one of the few things I have overcome. I had shared it to let you know that I also encounter fear on my own like you. It is normal to encounter fear because of uncertainty. We are designed to be like that by default.

But here I am to encourage you that it can be bypassed. Do not let the thoughts get enough courage to discourage you. Take the first step without uncertainty. It is dangerous but we will never know if we will not take it.

Take the first step and from there you start deciding for the next step again. The future is uncertain for all of us. We are all living in the same structure.

The first step is also the leap of faith.

When opportunity knocks — take it. Opportunity knocks only once. You do not need to know everything. You just need to start and take the first step.

In this way, I hope we help each other to overcome the fear in our lives. If we are full of confidence in our life, no walls are unbreakable. 🏢 💥

May you reach your dreams.



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