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The Most Important Thing That’s Needed When You Start A Business

My initial thoughts of starting a business, and what is required from you to officially say to others that you run a company. It might be an obvious thing for a lot of people, but it’s surprising how many people who get into business forget about this detail.

Alright, you’ve decided to finally start a business!

You want to be your own boss and to gain the freedom you deserve.

But before you even take foot in climbing your mountain, there is one thing you must do.

It’s the most important thing that’s needed when you start a business.

It sounds daunting, but believe me, it’s actually something very simple and often overlooked by numerous people.

That is, to start climbing right now.

Well of course! It’s painfully obvious. Start is the first word in the phrase “start a business”!

But the thing is, that’s not what is taught in entrepreneurship classes. Furthermore there are many articles out there that cram the idea of you doing a business plan as the “first step of starting a business.”

In entrepreneurship classes we are taught terminology first and then we get into starting a business plan. I know this because I’ve taken a few of these courses to get my accounting degree.

Yes, time is limited so it makes sense for these types of courses to focus solely on business plans. But not once does the teacher say “in the real world we ignore business plans and just start.” In fact, the last entrepreneurship course I took was from someone who ran a side hustle.

Furthermore, a study conducted by Babson College concluded that there is no big success difference between small business who don’t have plans or have plans.

Even though having a business plan is a smart move in some cases, many can find themselves in a trap. Where they are doing something that seems important, but is actually a waste of time.

We call this…

Fake Importance & Business

The thought of having a business plan, a vision board, or a branding board, I believe creates a fake importance depending on the circumstances.

Of course, I agree a business plan is needed when you are looking for large investors. Not to mention that there is some level of planning when you start a business.

But I’m talking about spending hours putting a vision board together. Or several months putting a well thought out business plan. Moreover doing all of that before you even start your business.

Recently I read a post about how people are procrastinating by putting these plans together. I have to agree with the author as so many people spend hours, days, weeks, or months putting something together.

They go into great depth as to why each point is important and necessary for their business. They’ve done this with every step before starting the business, before even making money.

Some people going to great lengths to spend thousands of dollars on research or seminars.

My point in all of this is: even though planning and being meticulous about the details can be good, you’re more at risk of creating all of this work and you haven’t gotten anywhere.

This is similar to how I felt with setting goals. For months I created random goals only to get nowhere. I was busy the entire time but my growth was stifled.

This is what happens when you spend way too much time talking and planning and not making enough movement.

Plan Little, Move A lot

I’m not saying don’t plan at all. Like most other people, planning is a necessary and vital step towards a creation of a business. Much like with scaling a mountain, you won’t be scaling it with your bare hands.

You need gear, you need tools, you need a plan.

A plan will tell you how to use your tools and gear, but you need your tools and gear to execute the plan.

Much like in business, a plan will tell you how everything will work in theory. But you need to have everything in place. You need the equipment, which in turn costs money.

And how do you make money?

You start.

It’s a simple concept: plan little, move a lot.

You can do all the planning you like, have a business plan, create vision and branding boards, the whole nine yards.

But you don’t have a business until you actually see money. Until you get paid.

By all means devoting time to a brand and setting some goals are important. I talk about goals a lot and the importance of them.

However when you start a business, the first step isn’t to put together an elaborate plan of action.

The first step is to start making some money.

Until then, plan a little. Jot down what you want to do each day, how will you make money? Sketch out a basic marketing plan you can do yourself.

Make the plan short, to the point that you could pitch the entire idea and why it’s important in the elevator.

Simplicity at it’s core goes a long way and most times that’s all you really need.

So keep it simple, and start climbing.

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