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These 2 Strategies Will Power Your Productivity in 2019

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

— William Penn

It’s a dangerous fallacy — entirely counterintuitive to everything you are trying to accomplish.

The power of reflection.

It’s a common theme among the most successful people throughout history to take time and do—well—nothing:

  • Both Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates partake in personal ‘think weeks’ where they take time away from work, family, and friends dedicated to deep reflection.
  • Stephen King talked about the power of taking a long, reflective, daily walk in his memoir On Writing.
  • Richard Branson dedicates time to “mindless” (for lack of a better word) tasks like kite-flying every morning.

If you want to be successful, spend 1 to 2 hours per day doing nothing.

  • Take a walk — Grab what you need (a healthy snack and some water, really), leave your phone at home, and start walking. You don’t need to have a plan or a specific route in mind — just leave your living space with the intention of clearing your mind.
  • Meditate — Take time to ‘be’. When was the last time you took five minutes to sit and breathe? Meditation is huge for giving the brain a break from the busyness we’re so used to. Do it outside or in your room. Wherever you feel the least amount of anxiety, go to that place and spend as much time as you can just breathing.
  • Read something different — Dust off that old mystery book from your shelf or grab your favorite childhood story and read that. Don’t go read a book on productivity or business or how to handle your finances — you need a break from all of that. I recently re-read the original Captain Underpants book and felt nothing short of fantastic after doing so.

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