This Is What Causes Energy Leaks in Your Life

You’re leaking energy and it’s sucking the life out of you.

Tim Denning
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6 min readSep 22, 2020


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I was like a leaky tea strainer. Energy would come in and leak out through tiny holes in my life. Then I was introduced to the idea of energy.

Everything in your life is either giving you energy or taking it away.

When you look at your life through this simplistic lens your energy levels start to make sense. Influencers full of broken dreams want to sell you a new exercise routine or a new diet to fix your energy levels.

What if your energy levels were mostly affected by something other than exercise and diet?

When you stop the energy leaks, your life changes.

  • More energy allows you to create, rather than consume.
  • More energy allows you to put in more effort.
  • More energy allows you to discover hidden passions.
  • More energy allows you to view the world differently.
  • More energy helps improve your relationships with people.

If there is one thing you want more of in your life it’s the scarce resource of energy. That’s right: energy isn’t infinite.

Every day you get a finite amount of energy to spend. How you choose to spend the currency that is energy is up to you.

If you spend your energy poorly and get into energy debt, then it can suck the life out of you. You can appear alive and act as though you’re lifeless.

These are the areas I’ve found that leak energy from my life. They will help you find your own energy leaks.

Anger Is the Biggest Energy Leak

I used to get angry at people for no reason. You could pass me on the freeway and I’d get angry at you for driving faster than me. You could be ahead of me at the supermarket and I’d blame you for slowing my day down. You could call my workplace up on the phone and have a disability, and I’d be angry at you for not having full eyesight or hearing.



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