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This Vicious Habit is Destroying Your Focus

How to Increase Focus
  • Neuroplasticity and formation of mental habits
  • Impulsive usage of internet and how it is destroying our focus.
  • Practical techniques to rebuild your focus

What is Neuroplasticity and How it Defines Who We are?

Neuroplasticity and brain circuits

How the Habit of Using Internet is Destroying Our Focus

A distracted mind

How do you feel this broken down focus?

How to rebuild and strengthen your focus?

1. How to increase focus naturally

  • Blueprint: Next time that you start to read a book or a text and the boredom monster creeps in, do not give in to it. Instead, try to at least keep on reading for a couple of minutes more. These extra couple of minutes are precisely where you are stretching you focus and making it stronger. Meanwhile, knowing that this perseverance will improve your focus, motivates you to persist more easily.

2. Prefrontal Workout for Improving Focus

Prefrontal workout to increase focus and attention span
  • Blueprint: To meditate, designate a specific time and place for it. Sit comfortably with a straight spine and your feet on the ground, Close your eyes and start breathing. There two major points here. First, you have to focus on your breath. You can focus on the sensation of inhaling or exhaling in your nostrils or you can focus on your chest or belly when you breath moves them. Second, as soon as your mind wanders and you notice it, take your to focus back to your breath.


  • We are what we repeatedly do. Our repeated actions become imprinted in our brain in the form of neural circuits. After they are formed, we long to keep them active and they operate on their own without asking our repetition.
  • Neuroplasticity enables us to make new neural pathways in our brain and bypass the old habits.
  • Constant exposure to social media and consuming nugget-sized content repeatedly is fragmenting our focus and attention span.
  • With a shattered focus, we cannot concentrate on any subject for a long span of time and we get bored quickly.
  • Continuing a couple of minutes more when feeling bored, is like pulling up weights for our focus and makes it stronger over time.
  • Meditation is a perfect workout to directly improve concentration and focus.

Rule your mind, or it will rule you.



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