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To Be A Wise One

What does it take to be wise?

You know the saying…

With age comes wisdom.

It’s an interesting saying that presumes that the older someone gets, the more wisdom or smarter that they become. However time and time again, that particular saying is something that has contradicted with reality.

We have some elderly who spout racist comments and in general act like children. Yet at the same time we have children providing advice.

I’m not kidding, there’s a 12 year old (now 13 or 14) who’s providing emotional therapy in a subway station in New York.

My point is if that saying were true shouldn’t it be the other way around?

The Difference Is Wisdom

With these kinds of circumstances, it tends to throw the whole concept of wisdom. What does it take to be wise? Certainly not age. Though age is certainly a factor.

We have people like the Dalai Lama who is an incredibly wise and loved individual. He’s spent years on this earth learning and studying.

But there is also these younger individuals, who are providing an ear, giving advice, consoling people and have what some people may say a “naive outlook” on the reality of our world. I see these individuals as also wise.

So What Makes A Person Wise?

There are many factors involved in all of this and each one varies depending on the person. Regardless, to be wise, it can be achieved by any person regardless of their upbringing, and what they are doing now.

Let’s look at the factors and why I believe these are tied to wisdom.



Even though I don’t believe much in that saying, age still plays a factor in whether you are wise or not. But instead of focusing on how old you are, it boils down to more of what you have done with the years of your life.

Just because you are older and experienced more doesn’t necessarily mean you are smarter. Perhaps you have failed in business multiple times all because of the exact same reason. Even though you are experienced in business failures the fact remains you are refusing to learn from your mistakes. Or perhaps you refuse to think back and see if there is any thing else to learn.

Age makes the list because the longer you live, the more experiences you have. Like I’ve said before our experiences in our lives mould us and shape us further than before. So the longer you’ve been alive, the more chances you’ve had those experiences and potential breakthroughs as well.

Life Challenges

The second factor is life challenges. This goes back to what I just wrote about above. As we grow older we experience more and different life challenges than our past selves. However I believe those who are young and wise have experienced particular life challenges.

Things like abuse, or other traumatic experiences can make a person wiser depending on their reaction and what happens as a final result. Furthermore you don’t need to be the victim in those instances, even being a witness or helping someone can determine that as well. It’s why I was able to console and actually help couples out when I was 13 years old. Because I used common sense and listened to people.

Word Choice

Another factor is choice of words, or how many words you use. For some, they see intelligence in how little the person says. Though that is quite true, I believe the same can be said for those who talk for lengths of time as well.

In the end, what matters is the choice of words and who is the one talking. Someone who is wise is one who will continue to talk, speak, or write until their point has been made. This can take hundreds of words or it may take very few.

Regardless, those who are wise I believe have certain elements to their speeches or their words. Things like being clear, concise, non-offending, and understanding. In the end, their words will draw out emotions, and inspire action.


The last thing I want to address and what I believe makes a person wise is understanding. Understanding in general, but also understanding of both sides. This is where one understands context, and spends time understanding the possibilities. Furthermore they also take everyone’s stories into account when solving issues.

Someone who is wise knows that there is always two sides to every story. It’s why I place emphasis on the fact not everything is as it seems. People are so quick to go on one side they aren’t seeing the bigger picture. Those who are wise can see it clearly once they ask questions, set biases and emotions aside and try to understand everything.

I believe this one is a big one that sets many people apart. The willingness to see the other side, even if the other side isn’t exactly what they want in the end. What matters most is to understand why it happened, but again how to turn it into something good.

More Qualities

Of course, there are other qualities to what makes someone wise. Feel free to add more of them in the comments below!

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