What is the Meaning of Life for Fuck’s Sake?

Amarocks Singh Zing
Jun 11 · 8 min read
At the end of the world. Source: Stocksnap

Her life has no meaning. Her life is only survival oriented. The only purpose of her life is to survive on a day to day basis. Since she is poor, she cannot even think about questions like this, and would not have any time or patience if you asked her the meaning of her life. That is, till her situation in life improves to a point where she can ponder over questions like this.

He hasn’t really created the effort to understand why he does what he does, and therefore, doesn’t feel deeply about it. If you don’t connect to something deeply, you can’t create meaning. Money cannot be the meaning of life.

There is no meaning inherent in life. We either give it meaning or we don’t.

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Do I feel deeply connected to it?

Am I spending my time with people I feel connected with?

Is there a purpose to the things I do?

What is my objective beyond money?

What am I trying to achieve with this life?

How can I make the world a better place?

Meaning is an outcome of having an answer to the why’s of your life. If you know why you do what you do, your life will have purpose, and if your life has purpose. Meaning is an outcome of leading a purposeful life.

We get what we value.

However, if we need to move towards a meaning and purpose driven society, we need to make a few fundamental changes in the way we live. We need to teach children to find ways to contribute to their surroundings. We need to reorient our goals. We need to ask ourselves how we feel inside.

If you want your life to have meaning, you need to do stuff that you find meaningful. It doesn’t matter what people think about it. It is as simple as that. You may be in a job, or work for yourself, or whatever. In case what you do currently doesn’t fulfill you, try and move towards stuff that does fulfill you.

Love is at the essence of meaning and happiness. Love is the foundation. You need to figure who and what you love to be able to create meaning in your life. Figure out what you love. Find someone you love and start loving.

No, life has no meaning. By itself, life is meaningless. But, as human beings we can create meaning in our lives by doing things which we find meaningful. When we do things that we find meaningful, because we love those things, we make the world a better place.

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