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Which Zodiac Sign Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

Abhishek Shah
Jul 11, 2016 · 6 min read

Astrologyzodiac signs…..reading daily horoscopes have always intrigued me.

Let me tell you, Astrology and zodiac signs have always fascinated me and that is the reason I am extending my insights through this write-up. While reading lot of about different zodiac signs and what makes each of them unique when it comes to “Entrepreneurial” traits, I came across a lot of questions from various geographies asking, Which Zodiac Sign Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

For those with entrepreneurial minds, nothing beats the sense of freedom that comes with breaking away from the routine job and becoming one’s own boss. But such freedom always comes with a price. Nearly all accomplished entrepreneurs will amuse you with long inspiring stories, long nights, and lean times.

This is one part where we know the success stories of successful entrepreneurs, and there is another segment of entrepreneurs who are yet to succeed. Entrepreneurs are risk taking business personalities, someone who initiates new commercial success.

“Entrepreneurs” are different species and have essential characteristics of success….so which entrepreneurial zodiac sign you are? Let’s take a look

Aries — As usual tops the list

Aries are believed to be unstoppable when it comes to putting ideas into action. Ruled by Mars, they are born entrepreneurs –Aries entrepreneurs are risk takers and in real sense “warriors”. They are spontaneous, active, and always eager for new experiences. Highly protective of their own, they are willing to fight which makes this big part appealing for their business.

Some of the famous Aries entrepreneurs are Mukesh Ambani, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Kris Gopalakrishnan (Co-founder of Infosys)

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Taurus — It’s all about patience and perseverance

Taurus born personalities are found to be successful entrepreneurs…why? Slowly and steadily they apply efforts to the situations. Ruled by Venus, these entrepreneurs are decisive in making decisions. They are determined, once they set their goals. Taurean typically looks for results and not responses. They are willing to work hard, long unusual hours to get what they set their mind to. Majority of the Taurean are found to be venture capitalist.

Some of the famous Taurus entrepreneurs are Bill Ford, March Zuckerberg, Alex Ikonn

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Gemini — Attract talent & Inspire people around

Gemini born entrepreneurs focuses on details of here and there. They studies and learn about the business situations from every possible angle. These entrepreneurs have found their success in publishing, and writing field. They are bit moody but amazing communicators and have a tendency to walk away with the opportunities out of any tight spot. These are go-getters, gather ideas, talks to people and come up with a plan with all clarity.

Some of the famous Gemini entrepreneurs are Donald Trump, Anil Ambani,, Lakshmi Mittal, Alan Cooper

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Cancer — The key to success is passion & huge vision

Very selective, Cancerians carefully choose their partners, investors and employees. They only invite those into their business world who they are tune into their business vision. No bullshit, just straight talks. Moon ruled, Cancerians have excellent memories and handles responsibilities with ease as they are imaginative problem solvers.

Some of the famous Cancerian entrepreneurs are Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney

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Leo — Independent & fearless

Ruled by Sun, Leo’s entrepreneurs are risk takers, gracious and most importantly known for overcoming adversities. They have a commanding presence, with a sense of showmanship that makes them immediately noticeable. You fill find Leo entrepreneurs heading up for the division of the company, if not entire corporation. They are natural business leaders who do not like to implement but prefers to delegate.

Some of the famous entrepreneurs are Narayan Murthy, Sergey Brin, Sachin Bansal

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Virgo- Perfectionism & detail oriented

If you are a Virgo, we have good news for you. It turns out that majority of the Forbes Billionaire list share Virgo zodiac sign than any other. Mercury ruled; Virgos entrepreneurs are joy to work with as long as you understand their obsessive need to be productive on daily basis. Virgos have a talent in knowing how to make their dream come true. To stay razor beamed focused in their business is their highest priority.

Some of the famous Virgo entrepreneurs are Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Beyonce

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Libra — Cooperative nature & excellent in building long term business relations

Venus ruled, Librans are believed to be gracious and amazing communicators. They are smooth operator when it comes to business. They are too refined and gentlemanly to fight dirty. Libra entrepreneurs prefer working in partnership than doing business solo. Libra entrepreneurs have strong ideas about making life fair, and they make their decisions and arrange their actions around what they feel is the most just and equitable solution. When drawn into a dispute, Libra will quickly state his position and be done–there is no hanging on to old arguments, no poking into old wounds. These are the entrepreneurs who thrive in partnerships and have no issues in sharing glory.

Some of the famous Libra entrepreneurs are Serena Williams, Kim Kadarshian, Sam Walton

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Scorpio — Intense, zealous and ambitious

Scorpios are associated with the 8th house of investments which makes them successful entrepreneurs in money making businesses like investing, stocks, analyzing markets etc. They have a keen eye for quality. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio entrepreneurs are shrewd, powerful, determined and jealous. Their sign is prone to obsessions and are able to block out distractions, concentrate and focus like a laser beam.

Some of the famous Scorpio entrepreneurs are Nita Ambani, Malaika Arora, Shahrukh Khan

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Sagittarius — Eat drink be merry and make lots of money

Sagittarius entrepreneurs are strong intellect, have penetrating thought process, and curious minds. Politics, philosophy, are morality are their forte. Optimism and faith will see them through the most vexing experiences in the business world. They love to explore new opportunities and are too focused about their work. Stubbornness does mix up with their steadfast and can be very uncompromising when it comes to business.

Some of the famous Sagittarius entrepreneurs are Andrew Carnegie, Manish Malhotra

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Capricorn- Address it, conquer it and move on

Ruled by sober, serious Saturn, Capricorn are very hard working and highly ambitious entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are excellent with their finances, so money is never a problem with them. Capricorn entrepreneurs like working as a part of a team than just bossing around. They tend to achieve positions of power and surround themselves with highly successful personalities.

Some of the famous Capricorn entrepreneurs are Madam CJ Walker, Twinkle Khanna, Michael Newton

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Aquarius — Takes moral high road and fear never

Fiercely independence is the most striking quality of Aquarian entrepreneurs. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarian entrepreneurs never look back; rather they are too focused about their business future plans. These entrepreneurs are well-spoken; rational which makes them excel in various business dealings. Their ruling planet Uranus, gives them the power of quick and easy transformation which makes them deep thinkers, progressives and humanists.

Some of the famous Aquarius entrepreneurs are Oprah Winfrey, Cindy Gallop, Indravadan Modi (Cadila Pharmaceuticals)

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Pisces — Highly adaptable, and intuitive

A Piscean entrepreneur understands the ebb and flow of the business and doesn’t believe in wasting time. Their ruling planets Jupiter & Neptune makes them amazingly brilliant at expressing themselves. Ideally they float on top of situations and don’t become too concerned about profit and loss.

Some of the famous Piscean entrepreneurs are Peter Jones, George Dayton, Jan Koum

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