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Why an entrepreneur makes logos

This is a collection of logos I have designed. All of them done with InkScape for my own projects. Some other logos that I have sold are not here.

This list, however, is simply to bring up the reflection on the hypothesis that entrepreneurs may enjoy to come up with names, logos, and a lot of other communication elements, simply as a result of their willingness to explore their abstractions and to improve their narratives helping them to evaluate how their ideas may fit into the world.

Here are some of my recent logo narratives:

YepTrainer — 2017

YepTrainer is a concept for english teaching methodology which a participant, a student, can hire a professor and just practice conversation at a pub. The logo brings a glass and also the meaning, the notion of drinking, perhaps knowledge.

TelaSocial — 2016

Tela Social is a social dashboard screen experience. It brings the Web TV experience to locations, thus interactivity and local-global conversations to public and semi-public spaces. The logo is a balloon of thoughts — multiple ideas bringing together forming the T of tela (screen, in portuguese.)

Lermos — 2016

Lermos is a scrolling teleprompter-style experience, enabling readers to move their reading texts to their pockets with a mobile experience that scrolls text and is optimal to small screen reading at all times.

Lermos — bring your best reading content into an easy and effective reading experience

LPeU — 2017

LPeU is acronym for Língua Portuguesa em Uso. It’s a portuguese learning site that provides 1000+ articles helping thousands of students to improve their portuguese experience. The logo bring the P of portuguese as a tongue of a smily person.

LPeU logo, smile and wink and speak of what you have to say, in P-ortuguese

DingDog — 2015

DingDog is a logo design made exclusively to exercise what would be a Hot Dog restaurant-pub that offers good music as a key ingredient in its atmosphere.

SlideQuest — 2016

Yet another slides sharing platform, this time one focused in storytelling and the components of storytelling that helps authors to evolve their drafts into amazing presentable materials. The logo is the S, of styles, of story, and also a movie clapperboard.

Taboca — 2013

Taboca is a challenge design logo for a potential brewery and brewpub.




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