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Why I Delight In The Malls Dying

It’s Not What You’d Expect

The idea of malls makes my skin crawl. Malls were the hottest thing in the United States. Everyone had to be seen at them. All shopping had to be done in them. The average American spent most of their time and money on these hallowed grounds of consumerism. When I read that these icons of excess were finally meeting their maker (a bulldozer) I was thrilled. You may not agree with me on this subject, but here are the reasons for my delight.

Excessive Consumerism Is Biting The Dust

For decades the average American went into massive debt from compulsive buying. No holiday or month was spared from marketing attempts to snatch every last penny out of the calendar. What once was affordable and family friendly malls turned into luxury stores with overly inflated prices. Gouging became the new norm and consumers had to pay to play.

Then the Great Recession hit. The malls took a hit too. Cash-strapped consumers chose discount and dollar stores to meet their needs along with a new online e-commerce. People like having everything delivered to their door 24/7/365. When was the last time you were at a mall?

An entire generation known as Millennial grew up in the wake of this economic downturn. It is their generation that is bringing this change. I applaud them. Their disdain is being felt by marketing agencies and corporations. They will not be forced to buy into the myth of consumerism. Bravo!

Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs Will Thrive

O.K., I’m biased on this one. We had a brick-and-mortar shop that suffered because of a mall. Most small businesses suffer from malls. Before the advent of malls, mom-and-pop shops made a living in every small town across America. Every conceivable store was privately owned and serviced their local community for at least a generation, if not more.

The birth of big-box stores and corporate giants ate up the small businesses. It also ate up the local community and its environment. Entire “downtown’s” disappeared when a mall opened. Businesses closed, urban blight grew and economic despair followed soon after.

Since the Great Recession, countless entrepreneurs have sprung up. Instead of the expected business model of profit over people, a new twist has evolved. Creative startups, social enterprises, and other socially oriented business plans emerged. Collaboration and social improvement were replacing corporate profits.

The economic model that decimated the lives of countless Americans unwittingly gave rise to an economic opportunity. Our business is one of them.

Ethical And Conscious Consumers

Today’s consumer is waking up. They’re understanding the damage that profit over people has caused. The economic damage. The environmental damage. Injustice, income disparity, exploitation, trafficking, sweatshops and more. Malls, Big-box, and corporate profit have plundered to the point of extinction. I don’t weep for them, but I do for the employees who’ve lost their jobs.

A new generation of ethical and conscious consumers is on the rise. A new generation of business is emerging from the rubble of economic disaster. A phoenix of hope and renewal is coming.

From the ashes of corporate profit, consumerism, and the death of all it’s trappings, I see a future. I delight in what I see.

Call To Action

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