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You’ve Got The Music In You

As of late I’ve gotten a fair amount of questions from others about just writing in general as well as my process for going about doing so. I try to answer them as openly and honestly as possible.

But here is my dirty little secret that Stephen King himself reiterated for me last night as I read his book “On Writing”. Everyone is capable of writing, it’s just that not everyone sits down and actually does it. That’s it, that is my primary weapon x, actually writing. Actually writing is my go to guy, my all star and my golden boy. It’s my belief that the difference between those that “can’t write” and those that can is one group writes and the other doesn’t.

One group writes, regardless of the outcome or what else is going on around them. The other waits until they feel like writing. If it’s one of those days where it didn’t just show up unexpectedly as it does from time to time, the writing group looks for inspiration or motivation to do what they do until they find it. The self proclaimed can’t write group finds excuses or a good movie to watch.

Those who can write, write badly if that’s what’s on the days docket. Then they edit it until it’s not as bad and don’t let fear fool them into not showing others and asking if it’s honestly any good. Those who can’t write start to and then rip it up in frustration when their phone rings. Those who can write get the bad days out of the way to make space for the best ones. The days they couldn’t stop if they tried.

Those who can write don’t even know why they write and there’s time’s where they honestly wish they didn’t. That we didn’t want to, have to nor need to. Those who can’t write take that feeling and run with it until they don’t write. Those who write do so over aspiring to do so. There’s a lot of people that used to write and a bunch of others wishing they still did.

The difference between Stephen King and I is he was writing before my parents met. He was writing while I was potty training and then again when I first realized I could write. I did not try at all the first time I wrote something of any importance, I just sat down and did it. I didn’t feel there was a difference in the graduation speech I wrote in fifteen minutes that I was asked to read at ceremony and the ones other kids wrote. The main difference was I actually wrote while most the kids in the class gave a reason why they couldn’t or said they didn’t know how, thinning out competition exponentially.

Everyone has something they want to do, say or create and my belief is they have at least a minor inkling of how they’d like to go about doing so, they just don’t. I write and people tell me I’m good at it. It’s appreciated but it just feels fraudulent when I know there is something they are as good at as they claim I am at writing…but they never do it. Try writing, it cannot be difficult if someone who was once as dumb as I was can do it. I was even decent at it when I was dumb.

So in closing I’d personally like to ask each and everyone of you to find that thing and do it. Do it for you, nobody gives a shit I promise. They are too focused on wishing they were doing the thing they aren’t doing that I’m asking you to. There is music in you, there is a story in you, there’s a website in you, there’s a business in you, there’s something and we both know it. Don’t sell yourself short and rob us all of it’s value by dying with it still inside of you.



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