Community and Catalytic Projects: Da Nang, Vietnam

Community Park

A key challenge in Da Nang is the shortage of community and open spaces in high-density, low-income areas. Many urban areas, particularly in the southern and central areas of the city, have a compact form with limited public recreational areas due to resettlement pressures and financial constraints. Furthermore, due to lack of investment in planned open spaces, several have become places for dumping trash that now creates sanitary problems that render these spaces unusable.

In 2016, the Climate Change Coordination Office, with support from 100RC, ran a design competition to address this problem in Nai Hien Dong ward. The winning design to transform a vacant area filled with debris into a park for the surrounding community was based on extensive community consultation and reflects elements of the local culture and traditions.

The project aims to build stronger community relations and encourage a sense of ownership over the transformed public space. The project intends to mobilize local resident participation in the consultation and construction stages. Currently, People’s Committee of Son Tra District is exploring different funding options.

Investment/Partnership Opportunity:

There is an opportunity to contribute funding and volunteer hours towards the cleaning and preparation of the first park site as well as the acquisition and installation of materials needed to complete the first park. There will be opportunity to replicate this model of participatory design and construction in other high-density, low-income neighborhoods.


Mr. Dinh Quang Cuong, Da Nang Chief Resilience Officer and Director of the Climate Change Coordination Office