Different Strokes

“Y’all are too vanilla. You’re boring. Bland.”

“And you’re a freak.”

“Ah leave him alone. He can’t get laid when goes for normal women.”

“That’s just mean.”

“Yeah, screw you. And she was normal anyway.”

“Normal? All those piercings and shit? Plus, she was covered in ink. Both her arms were all tatted up.”

“What, does that make you nervous? A lady who looks more badass than you? Probably because you just go after girls who just got into college.”

“It was one time!”

“Still happened, man. He’s got a point.”

“Oh you, too? Do we need to talk about the absolute gems you bring home?”

“They are gems, dick.”

“Oh yeah, great big ge-”

“Do you three ever shut up?”

“Oh look he’s alive.”

“Don’t want to join in the discussion?”

“No, I don’t. Are you idiots ready or not?”

“Yeah, we’re good to go.”

“Let’s do it. Keep the engine running.”

“Yeah I got it, just be quick.”

“We always are.”

“And don’t kill the teller this time.”

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