The Witch

Fiction Friday

I felt lost and so sought the witch with three eyes because she could see the things I couldn’t, or so I thought, because so I’d been told. And she told me that each eye could see one aspect, and that I should heed her advice if I wanted to find what we all want from life. I asked her what that was and she told me that there weren’t words to explain, but that it was “good.” Simply so.

Her first eye saw that my love and I wouldn’t work, no matter what I did — or didn’t do. I pursued more answers since I wasn’t giving up on what I’d found after just one prophet’s line… nor three or four for that matter, but I’d be lying if I said I had much hope left. She told me of the children that would die sadly if I sought to make my love come alive, or on the other side of echoing walls blasting my voice into my love’s mind, until she couldn’t stand the sights and sounds of our life together. But we “will find other avenues,” she promised, “apart.” Could I accept that?

Her second eye was blind to finer things so she told me only to seek what shines… and that I would know when I approached. I’m more than a material man so the doubts within me grew, but she said “so much more than gold glows,” and, “there are many great lights to find in life.” I would’ve told you I knew that I’d finally found the one, my love, my light, but she told me that’s not to be; how am I to think that I’ll know, let alone be right, next time?

Her third eye pointed only toward endings, both bad and good, and told me all doors were still open, the choices mine; each and every conclusion still there for me to find. I asked what good was that, when what I thought I’d known was wrong. And she smiled with her face and cried with her eyes and said to me, “However you live your life is right, but in the end will you think things could have been much better, or worse?”

I cried then, because I saw all that had been, and felt I could see hints of all that could be, reflected in the sad, wet light of her eyes. What I thought had not been wrong, but perhaps what she said, all she said, was right, and I could do better still. Not just for me, and not selfishly… for both my love and I. And I will try, try to do better, try every day for the rest of my life, so I can look back and smile. I hope the witch will watch, if only with one eye, for one moment, and see me smile there at the end, and maybe she’ll smile too.