Astronomer Update #11

As we build Astronomer, a data plumbing company, we share a progress update each week for self-accountability, and for your entertainment.

Weekly Growth

We. got. our. first. sale. this. week.

It’s exciting :)

I asked our new customer for a quote, from a year from now, describing his vision of a successful relationship with Astronomer. Here’s the response:

“In the last year, Astronomer took away all the pain and guessing from getting our data out of our platform so that we could focus on what we really needed: actionable insights into how the community uses our apps and services. I never thought I needed a “data plumber” — but now I realize that’s what I had been asking my head of data science to do (a poor use of his time, it turns out). I can’t remember asking them for something they didn’t know how to do — or that they weren’t excited to figure out. Overall, we’ve been able to move faster, make better decisions, and make the best use of the passionate people on our team because Astronomer did the hard work of presenting us with the whole picture of the activity on our platform.”

That’s a great vision — and we’ll do everything we can to live up to it :)

Our stats:

  • Active Opportunities: 19 for $303k total ARR value
  • Closed (yes/no): 1/4
  • We’ll share our actual ARR number once we have 3–4 customers.

Data ingestion continues to rise. Most of our infrastructure auto-scales, and we’re pretty excited to see what 10x or 100x data does to this chart.

More data, more data :)

Focus on Customer

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what Astronomer needs to be in order to raise venture capital, and what investors want to hear. While that’s important, we’re also spending significant time trying to understand what customers want.

Here’s our latest pitch:

There’s been a lot of innovation around data over the past 3–4 years. It’s possible to do a lot of really cool things with data now, and without a lot of cost, but it requires being able to get your data in motion, not just sitting around in a dusty old server.
Once companies wake up to this new world (and a lot of them are now) they find that they really don’t have the internal talent to move confidently and fast on this stuff.
It requires trial-and-error, iteration on ideas, building towards competence. And it requires pulling data from silos, cleaning it up, combining it, and pushing it through new data processing engines or to third party companies.
That’s where Astronomer comes in — rather than a company trying to do this work with internal resources only, we come in, provide processes and manpower to get things moving in the right direction, and bring the right tools and technologies to keep things running smoothly.
We’ve built a great data pipeline platform that companies are using and paying us for, but our real strategic strength is that we are willing to get our hands dirty with these companies, which will allow us to develop first-hand knowledge — and improve our platform from real-world projects.
We haven’t talked to a single company yet that doesn’t have a backlog of data projects. Most companies don’t realize they need a “data plumber” until they have one; but once they bring us in, they’ll realize they’ve been asking people to do work that was a poor use of their time.
We help companies move faster, make better decisions, and make the best use of the passionate people on their team. Astronomer does the hard work to help them get to the story that their data wants to tell.

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