Why Atheist Anarchist Ape? What does that mean?

I guess before I start writing about some of the topics I’m itching to spill my brain about I should explain why I chose this name.

The first two are pretty obvious.

I’m an atheist — which means I don’t believe in gods.

I’m an anarchist — which means I don’t believe in rulers.

But both are so much more for me. Look at the similarities. One is about imaginary “authority” and the other is about real-life “authority”. I reject both. I believe in MY power of critical thought and discernment and I wouldn’t give away my power to anyone or anything else.

I knew I wanted a third term to complete the portions of my life that doesn’t fall squarely into atheist and anarchist. (And I admit I was looking for alliteration!) I originally thought maybe anti-capitalism. It starts with an A and is one of the things I talk about often. Capitalism is violence. But really it is just the functional arm of the government. The two are intertwined like a knitted scarf so my anti-capitalism firmly falls under Anarchy anyways.

The one day “ape” popped into my head. Yes! That’s it. I am an ape and this is an important part of my mindset. How? In breaking apart cultural constructs that tie us to theism or statism it becomes difficult to see past the “normal” we take for granted. Kind of like a fish trying to critique water. It isn’t easy to see what you’ve taken as “just is” since childhood.

All humans ARE apes (not “descended from” apes)

But when I remember that I am an animal. A great ape of the evolutionary like that created Orangoutangs, Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Gibbons.

I’m no different than them except in the ways that my evolutionary line diverged from theirs. And mainly that is in the intense development of the neocortex.

I object strongly when I hear people say we “descended from apes”. NOPE. We are apes.

This really helps me see beyond cultural conditioning. I can ask, “is this thing real in the natural world? Or is this something human apes invented as meaning-making with their neocortices?”

Thinking of myself as I truly am — an animal with an impressive brain organ layering reality with symbolism and language — helps me see beyond the symbols. Without critical analysis the symbolism my brain creates (or believes from someone else’s created symbolism) becomes another “authority” — a ruler or god that robs me of my autonomy.

So there you have it. I’m an atheist, anarchist, ape. I want to navigate the world with these guiding principles in mind.

I have no gods. I have no rulers. I have no mythology of myself as separate from the organism I live on — Earth.