Pope Francis — Giving Donald Trump Sheaves of Your Articles is Like Recommending Your Own Medium Encyclical

It’s Like tweeting your Medium articles at celebrities to grab their attention:

(Yes, Jorge Mario has a twitter account)

The Catholic Church is notorious for promoting its “writers” (typically il papa) as great thinkers of our time. All the while they are preachers whose insidious ideas (with several agendas) have been ghost-written by some Vatican lackey, published by The Vatican Press (Is there such a thing? I’m guessing here), promoted by the hierarchy, hyped by their PR machine and paid for by poor, uneducated peasants.

Can I get back the hours I squandered studying catechism? Or the pennies that my parents paid for this shameless propaganda?

Can I get back the years of my life that I wasted because my country was cut off from progressive ideas by the Catholic Church?

Can I turn back the clock and put Camus or Aeschylus in my feverishly curious hands instead of “The Messenger” or “The Far East”? Though I must admit that one of my most-popular stories was inspired by Pudsy Ryan.

Can I ever, really, in this lifetime erase the effect of the cruelty of their effective “educational” machine and read REAL literature?

Can I ever delete this patriarchal drivel that was indoctrinated into my pliable mind as a teenager?

Held up as great literature?

This is beginning to remind me of a certain genre of Medium “writing” here lampooned so brilliantly by Henry Wismayer:

I am considering inviting Pope Francis to write for my Medium repository of Dreck and Doggerel, The Athenaeum. His drivel would be perfect. I’m already writing doggerel there. My co-writer (and owner) of this esteemed publication claims to write dreck but his self-deprecatory remarks disguise a remarkable literary genius. Read more of his brilliant works here:

Dreck, doggerel and drivel, which brings me back to Jorge. Like many other writers, Francis is writing under his nom de plume. His real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. That’s right, his middle name is Mario.

He’s laughing up his sleeve at Trump.

He well knows Trump has never cracked open a book in his lifetime and he probably isn’t going to start now.

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