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Reducing yourself to any single characteristic, whether it be your title or your job performance, is a deeply damaging act

Illustration: Jan Buchczik / The Atlantic

Pandemic fatigue is fueling a bizarre sense of longing

Photo: Alexi Rosenfeld / Getty

Justices love to proclaim their impartiality, all evidence to the contrary

Image: Universal History Archive / Heritage Images / Getty; Katie Martin / The Atlantic

Facebook is acting like a hostile foreign power; it’s time we treated it that way

Image: Danielle Del Plato / The Atlantic

Some of the plots to overturn the election happened in secret. But don’t forget the ones that unfolded in the open.

Image: Chip Somodevilla / Getty; The Atlantic

Eventually we might all have to deal with COVID-19 — but a shorter, gentler version, thanks to vaccines

Image: Josep Gutierrez / Getty / The Atlantic

Behind shipping delays and soaring prices are workers still at mortal risk of COVID-19

Image: Matt Chase/The Atlantic

The pandemic disrupted soft work — the gossip, eavesdropping, and casual relationship-building that aren’t a formal part of your job

Image: Matt Chase / The Atlantic

The Atlantic

Syndicated stories from The Atlantic.

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