Hello again!

So…after lifting the veil a bit last year, we went the way of many and completely failed at our New Year’s resolution. We had vowed to share more about how we’re mashing together the roles of founder and investorand then we went silent.

What happened?

Well, over the past year, we’ve been completely heads-down focused on:

Launching companies to streamline access to healthcare, like hims.

hims: direct to consumer men’s health and wellness

Globalizing the future of work, with Terminal.

Terminal: remote-as-a-service in global tech hubs

Scaling and evolving companies to bring offline data online i.e. Zenreach, Ever AI, and TalkIQ.

OG Atomic companies growing and growing up

And rapidly growing our team around the globe by adding some of the best founders and company builders.

All in, we’ve been too busy to write Medium posts. Or at least that’s our excuse. But we’re re-engaging now as we prepare for a whole new chapter we think will be too good to miss. Follow us to keep track…we promise more frequency this time around!

Our handle remains @JoinAtomic, and we are hiring! Please drop us a note if you’re interested in joining to build the next great company together.