O Canada

Terminal team pictured with Waterloo Region Chair, Ken Seiling, His Worship Dave Jaworsky the Mayor of Waterloo, His Worship Berry Vrbanovic the Mayor of Kitchener, the Hon. Raj Saini, Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

On the hallowed 4th of May, we celebrated the grand opening of a beautiful 17,000 square foot campus in Kitchener-Waterloo!

Welcome to the new Terminal.

With a nod to the day and Atomic’s home base (on the Lucas campus in San Francisco), 400 engineers, entrepreneurs, community members, and Stormtroopers opened Terminal’s newest campus.

We created Terminal to bring the best companies to the home turf of the world’s best engineering talent. A lot of that best talent is in Canada.

“Terminal was launched with a simple premise — that if we could shine a light on the talented people in Kitchener Waterloo and make it easy for companies to build teams here, that the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley would jump at the opportunity.”

We’re not alone in betting on Canada. Over the past weeks, legendary venture capitalists Brad Feld and Fred Wilson have echoed their belief in Canada.

Canada Is Going To Be The Next, Great, Entrepreneurial Tech Country — Brad Feld
I love Canada. It’s a kindler gentler more welcoming version of the US. And it’s increasingly an important place to be for the tech sector.— Fred Wilson

On the “more welcoming” front, the community has indeed welcomed us, and all the companies we’ve brought, with open arms. Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic and Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky have embraced the concept and the company — with Mayor Berry lauding Terminal’s impact on reversing the “brain drain from Canada.” Beyond Kitchener-Waterloo, Terminal now has engineering campuses in Montreal, Vancouver, and soon Toronto.

His Worship Dave Jaworsky the Mayor of Waterloo, Veronique St-Germain, Director of Talent @ Terminal, His Worship Berry Vrbanovic the Mayor of Kitchener, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

The future of work is global. And Terminal is helping growing companies benefit. If you’re struggling with finding top technical talent for essential roles and sick of warring with giants like Google and Facebook over a limited local pool, say hi, eh? terminal.io