TalkIQ + Dialpad = dialing into the future of voice

We’re proud to share that TalkIQ has been acquired by Dialpad!

One of the first companies we founded and funded, TalkIQ, is joining forces with Dialpad, the leading business communications company behind products like UberConference.

We started TalkIQ in 2014 to solve a problem we faced firsthand: nearly 70% of enterprise customer interactions — and often some of the most important — still happen over the phone. We were frustrated by a complete lack of data and insights from our sales and customer support calls as we grew another Atomic company (Zenreach), and as we often do at Atomic, we channeled that frustration into an all-out effort to build the solution to the problem. The result? An AI platform that could help any company transcribe, analyze, and optimize sales and support calls with customers. And thus, TalkIQ was born.

As TechCrunch mentions in its profile on the new couple, the fit with Dialpad was obvious from the moment the companies started partnering.

“Sometimes two companies get along so well together and fit each other so perfectly, they almost have to come together. That’s what happened when Dialpad, a business communications platform whose products include UberConference, started working with TalkIQ. They liked them so much, they bought the company.”

Craig Walker, CEO @ Dialpad and Dan O’Connell, CEO @ TalkIQ and now Chief AI Officer @ Dialpad

Dialpad is an exciting company led by the best serial entrepreneur in voice technology, Craig Walker, who previously founded and sold VoIP companies to Yahoo and Google. As Forbes reports in its analysis of the deal, “Why Dialpad Spent Nearly $50 Million To Acquire Fellow Voice Startup TalkIQ”, Dialpad’s revenues, in the tens of millions, nearly doubled year-over-year as they’ve scaled with customers like Uber and WeWork. Now, with TalkIQ, Dialpad is launching VoiceAI, a platform with real-time transcription, automated call summaries and sentiment analysis for business calls ranging from recruiting to sales to customer support.

The technology is impressive but this ultimately comes down to the team… which is stellar. It’s been such an honor to work with the TalkIQ team across San Francisco and Canada. We’ll miss you dearly in the SF office and we’re glad you’re staying in our new Waterloo campus, as Terminal continues to helps scale your Canadian teams.

A “final final” farewell with the TalkIQ SF crew at our neighborhood bar

We couldn’t be prouder of Dan, Etienne, Jim, and all of you at TalkIQ for what you’ve built and we can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish at Dialpad!