Some of you might know that I am an au pair in London. You might also know that I’ve had a bad first experience. And that is why I have decided to share my story with you. In no way am I trying to drag or be disrespectful to the people that I’ll mention in my Au pair blog posts and videos. I just love to share my experiences because I believe that somehow it could help someone that might desperately need some. These little stories as well as my storytime videos on youtube are only meant to inform future or current au pairs of what could happen to them and how to avoid it or how to find a way out. Hope you’ll enjoy this new segment of mine!

An introduction to “The Au pair diaries”

Hello and welcome to this new segment of mine called “The Au pair diaries”. This segment will be about my au pair life and especially my recent bad experience. Those “diaries” will be in the form of blog posts here on medium as well as story time videos on youtube. They are only meant to inform current and future au pairs of what kind of situations they could end up in and hopefully with these informal blogs and videos I’ll manage to help some of you out!

Also I am conscious that there’s always two side of the story and that not all au pairs are good ones either! And I would be honored to share some stories from a host family point of view. I’ve heard some horrifying stories about some au pairs and let me just start by apologizing on behalf of all au pairs around the world! I know that some people really do take the au pair experience as a “free food”, “free accomodation”, “free money” experience and that is not what the au pair experience is about and I feel frustrated at those that take it that way! Everyone should make an effort into making this experience wonderful for both parties! And both parties should want to live this experience all for the right reasons!

The au pair experience is truly one of a kind and I just want you to enjoy it as much as me!

If you have any questions regarding the au pair life or my life here in London feel free to send me an email at or tweet me or leave a comment on any of my au pair related videos! I would gladly reply to you and help you out in the best way that I can!

Best of luck to all of my fellow au pairs! And may the odds be ever in your favor! 😉

Here is my very first storytime about my bad au pair experience:

I did not talk about everything because there’s actually a lot of things to say!! But I’ll try to do shorter storytimes regarding this bad experience as there’s still a lot of little things to say!

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Thank you for stopping by, hope you’ve had a nice stay! ❤︎
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