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After that dreadful conversation with my host parents, I tried to have a goodnight sleep because the following day I actually had a meeting with a single host mother. So I tried to sleep as much as I could.

As per usual, I went out during the day to see some of my friends because I never really liked staying inside of the house during the week-ends. I would much rather go out, visit London and have fun! Unlike my host parents who would wake up at 2pm on week-ends and just leave their children in front of the tv without any breakfast whatsoever. Fortunately for the girls I would always give the girls some breakfast on the week-ends because I would always be up at around 9:30am.

So after feeding myself and the girls, I got dressed and ready to go on an adventure! I went out to eat lunch with my friend and we pretty much talked all afternoon until I had to take the bus for my meeting with my potential new host mom.

My meeting with my potential new host mom (who is now my current host mom) went pretty well. I did shed a few tears here and there as I got overwhelmed by my situation… The way that I got treated just really made me sad…And the most ridiculous part is that my ex-host mom did not care about how she was treating the au pair. She did not feel bad for blaming me for not being happy. She did not feel bad about being dirty or lazy. She did not feel bad about forgetting the children to school! She did not feel bad about anything! It was as if she actually thought that she was the best host mom that has ever existed! It baffles me just how delusional she could be!

But that is not the worst part of that day. After my meeting with my new host mom, I took the bus to go back home. I was only a few stops away from the house when I received a text saying:

“Hi Lalaina. Could you maybe please stay outside until 9pm as we have an interview with a girl about the au pair job?”

I was a little bit upset but what could I do? It would have been extremely awkward if I had refused to stay out and I just barged in the house as if I owned the place… So I accepted and thankfully, my friend was kind enough to come back to hang out with me! We walked around my area and we talked some more and then next thing you know it was time for me to go back home. When I arrived home, the au pair candidate was just leaving. I stood back a little bit as I felt awkward… She looked at me, I gave her a shy smile and then I went inside. Everyone was in the living room so I don’t think that anyone heard me get in, so I hurried inside of my room and went to bed as fast as I could.

The following week was pretty awkward. I was trying not to get too much in the way and I was trying to do my best regarding the children and the chores. I simply did not want the mother to start an argument with me because I did not do something correctly. So I tried to do everything as perfectly as I could so that she wouldn’t have anything to reproach me.

I was supposed to stay with this family for 2 more weeks and then leave at the end of the month of January. But once again, because of my lack of luck, on thursday the 19th of January at around 9pm, I received a text message telling me to come downstairs. When I arrived downstairs the parents explained to me that they had a friend of theirs (or something like that) that was coming in the UK and they had arranged for her to come live with them and be their new au pair. But the catch was that she was coming this next sunday the 22nd of January. So they told me that they could not have me in the house on sunday so I had to leave on saturday! So basically they gave me a one-day notice when I gave them a two-weeks notice! That’s just wonderful… I awkwardly laughed and said that it was ok and that I understood but in all honesty, I really do not think that it was respectful of them… But once again, what could I say? I could not refuse to leave. That would have been awkward… And I did not want to have another argument where all the blame is put on me…

But the thing that upsets me the most is that they had the nerve to tell me that maybe I could go live with my friend! How dare them? My friend was also an au pair at that time so she also had a host family of her own. How dare they suggest that I crash in another host family’s home?! They wouldn’t have accepted anyone to crash in their house like that so why are they assuming that it would be ok for me to do this to another family? See, that is exactly why I wanted to leave this family. They absolutely have no care in the world about other people! They do not take other people’s opinion into consideration! They do not take other people’s feelings into considerations! The way that they are towards other people is really making me upset…

After this awkward conversation, I ran back into my room to call my new host mom. I told her that it was an emergency and thankfully she answered. I explained the situation to her and I felt extremely awkward for asking her to move to her place so soon! But thankfully she was so compassionate and she told me that I could definitely come by the next morning to drop off all of my things in my new room.

The next morning I took an uber and I moved all of my things into my new house. But little did I know that another dreadful conversation was waiting for me on saturday morning…

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