As I told you in my previous diary A Trashy Welcome. My first impression of my new home and my new host family was not the best. I tried to get over it because I thought that I was just being rude. So I tried to suck it up and at least try to make myself comfortable and happy.

But what I noticed the morning after, when I did my bed, was that my sheets also looked dirty. Once again, I’m not pretending to be the cleanest person on earth but it didn’t look like it had been cleaned. So on the first monday after my arrival, I decided to change my bed sheets and beddings.

I was a bit horrified when I looked at all of the spare sheets and beddings and I was met with more dirty things. I’m talking about blood stains and unidentified stains everywhere! Literally EVERY . WHERE! And the same goes for the spare towels. The towels that were supposed to be white turned into a grey color with stains of some sorts on them… It literally makes the hair in the back of my head stand. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it now…

But once again, I sucked it up and put some clean sheets and beddings, the ones that looked as clean as possible, but still, they looked pretty dirty…

That being said, I really did try to make an effort to make myself comfortable even though I felt dirty and even though I felt as if I was surrounded by dirt. I even went on a shopping spree at Primark to decorate my room! I bought myself a beautiful blue and gold throw, two blue cushions and some blue and yellow fairy lights to go with it.

I really did try to make myself happy because I thought that this feeling of uneasiness and unhappiness was coming from me. I thought that I was being ridiculous and I was acting like a prissy snob.

But I later on discovered that it was not all my fault afterall. It was not my fault at all even! The situation that I was in really was not a normal situation that every au pairs were going through. And there really was no reasons for me to just suck it up and basically make myself miserable…

(To be continued)

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